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New year, new growth opportunities

New year, new growth opportunities

Whether you’re a fan of new year’s resolutions or not, the beginning of the year brings a certain energy and pursuit for personal and professional growth. Many of us are thinking about how we want to grow. From continuing education, gaining a certification, fulfilling a license requirement, finding balance and happiness with work/life integration, or enhancing skill sets and teams to tackle specific goals and challenges. To help you map out your personal and professional growth plan for 2022, we wanted to share some recommendations that we sourced from SalesPagers!

Growth and Retention Takeaways from The SME Forum

Past purchases, current assets, advisor team profiles, wholesaler activity, market intelligence, and digital engagement are all data points that contribute to a holistic view of an advisor and can indicate purchase and redemption intent. While asset managers are incorporating some of these signals into their distribution strategy, many aren’t effectively leveraging a full continuum of data. How can asset managers utilize past, present, and future data to enhance their growth and retention strategies?

Asset Manager Marketing: Pandemic lessons inform future strategies

Think about where we were in March of 2020. At that time, there was a lot of uncertainty about what the next nine months would look like. Many questions and many changes were to come. Based on a recent survey of and Roundtable with our asset manager clients, we may be looking at another 9-12 months where we face similar marketing conditions. What learned lessons can we apply to make the next twelve months more valuable than the last?
Managing internal sales teams in a COVID-19 world. Desk Managers share best practices.

Managing internal sales teams in a COVID-19 world. Desk Managers share best practices.

Managing internal sales teams during the pandemic has presented unique challenges as well as opportunities to experiment with new sales and management strategies. SalesPage held a virtual roundtable with over 30 participants, primarily Internal desk managers representing over 20 different SalesPage and SalesStation clients, to share ideas, challenges, and strategies on managing in a COVID-19 world. Let’s review some of the key themes and highlights captured during the discussion.
SalesPage Client Summit Peaks in Kalamazoo!

SalesPage Client Summit Peaks in Kalamazoo!

Celery City, Mall City, Paper City... That’s Kalamazoo for you! This week we had visitors from New York to Kansas as we brought our clients to our headquarters at The Foundry for our Fall 2018 Client Summit.

Post Irma, client roundtable is on!

09/12/2017 by
After seeing the flooding in downtown Miami that resulted from Hurricane Irma, a number of you have asked about our backup plan for our client roundtable.
Journey to 2020: Asset Managers Using Moneyball Lessons to Grow

Journey to 2020: Asset Managers Using Moneyball Lessons to Grow

In Moneyball, the Oakland Athletics changed the way they scouted and valued players. Through the use of data, they were able to redefine the game and compete with the Yankees and Red Sox, who had budgets that were many times larger. Just as major league baseball executives and scouts had to change the way they think about the game, so too will wholesalers and sales management about asset management distribution. Those who adapt quickly will put themselves in a position to compete and win within an increasingly complex and competitive market.

Events – Wrapping Up 2016

While the last day of summer isn’t until September 21st, I’ve already enjoyed my first pumpkin spice latte and am excited to share some details on the events SalesPage has coming up this fall! Here is a quick rundown of the hot topics being featured at events starting next week through the end of the year.

The Power of Camaraderie

The ability for everyone to come together at events like the ones I recently attended not only provides us an opportunity to learn from others, but it also builds camaraderie that can be leveraged throughout the year and our careers. Being able to reach out to your peers at any point for advice and counsel is invaluable. Being able to fiercely compete with each other, but at the same time, help each other when possible, makes work so much more enjoyable. Most importantly, when we learn from each other, the biggest winners are the clients whom we serve.

Where’s SalesPage? Q2 Industry Events

We are having quite a second quarter thus far, with many of our team members traveling to the east and west coasts (and points in between) to participate in a number of great industry events. Please take a quick tour of where we've been, where we're headed, and what we are and will be learning along the way!