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Use Teams Data + Advisor IP Matching to target high-value prospects

In the competitive world of asset management, identifying and targeting high-value prospects is crucial for success. Fortunately, two powerful tools—Teams Data and Advisor IP Matching—can work in tandem to help asset managers achieve this goal. By leveraging these datasets, you can gain insights into potential clients actively seeking new investment products, understand their roles within their teams, and build more effective marketing strategies. Layering this data with additional metrics such as AUM, sales, redemptions, distribution expenses, and expense ratios will enable you to calculate profitability scores for advisors more accurately than ever before, resulting in a higher ROI approach to prospecting.

Dynamic discussion with women on work and life

03/14/2023 by
To celebrate Women's History Month and International Women's Day, we organized a panel of women-identifying SalesPage professionals who shared their career journeys, challenges, successes, and advice for women and men in all stages of work and life. We are sharing some of their stories and advice with you with the intent to have a broader positive impact on our community.
#givingback: Randy James and GOTR – more than running

#givingback: Randy James and GOTR – more than running

06/09/2022 by
We’re recognizing Randy James, Senior System Administrator at SalesPage by day and, in his free time, a community college professor, musician, and volunteer and supporter of Girls on the Run (GOTR) of Greater Kalamazoo. Check out this post to learn more about this organization, Randy's volunteer work, and their collective impact on our community.

Your guide to effective segmentation

Are you spending more time getting the data right than using it for segmentation? Is your BI team able to leverage a holistic set of current, accurate, and relevant data to help sales and marketing leadership define segments, incentivize, and execute targeted campaigns? Does your sales team have the top targets they should be focusing on for the week? If your data is siloed and your time and resources are limited (who’s aren’t?!) your firm is at risk of inefficiencies and missed opportunities.

With the right data in one place (aggregated and accessible) and the right tools, you can overcome silos to define, measure, and enhance your segmentation strategy over time to achieve your distribution and retention goals. Where to start? Let’s take a step-by-step look at how SalesPage helps you segment more effectively.

Marketing agility pro tips for asset managers

Earlier this year, we held a client roundtable of 28 asset managers who shared insights into how they have adapted over the last year. An underlying theme that surfaced from that discussion was agility. Being able to quickly pivot to adjust and apply resources to fulfill changing needs for digital content and communication, virtual meetings and events, and advertising and media coverage, were essential to reach their audiences. Marketing professionals are constantly striving to get the most impact with the resources they have available. We went to trusted asset manager marketing partners: Leibowitz Branding & Design, Sondhelm Partners, SunStar Strategic, and Synthesis to understand how they’ve been helping asset managers successfully adapt. This interview-style blog post shares fundamental questions and the marketing partner’s answers. Read on to learn how you can be more agile in your marketing efforts while focusing on and sharing your expertise.

Asset Manager Marketing: Pandemic lessons inform future strategies

Think about where we were in March of 2020. At that time, there was a lot of uncertainty about what the next nine months would look like. Many questions and many changes were to come. Based on a recent survey of and Roundtable with our asset manager clients, we may be looking at another 9-12 months where we face similar marketing conditions. What learned lessons can we apply to make the next twelve months more valuable than the last?
CDPs and distribution data platforms: the best approach to data activation

CDPs and distribution data platforms: the best approach to data activation

In the last 2 years, a new acronym has gained popularity: CDP (Customer Data Platform). Alternatively, SalesPage frequently talks about a distribution data platform. This begs the question—what is a CDP, and how does it differ from what we refer to as a distribution data platform?
That’s an axe! Denver Client Summit 2019 recap

That’s an axe! Denver Client Summit 2019 recap

07/16/2019 by
Last month, our client community got together for our annual Summit 2019 in beautiful Denver, CO.

Marketing integration with HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot

03/07/2018 by
After gaining insight on the challenges and successes of marketing professionals in the asset management industry, I want to share some experiences we had helping clients with marketing integration between CRM and mainstream marketing systems out there today: HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot.

Rep Scoring: How Do You Rank?

What goes into a rep score? How do you use it? How are firms measuring its impact? You may have been asking yourself one or all of these questions if, like me, you were sitting in the audience during the "Rep Scoring: Running from 0 to 100" session at MFEA’s Digital Council meeting last week.