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Using BI to identify actionable opportunities

BI professionals from our client community (29 individuals from 16 asset managers) came together for a Roundtable event to discuss how they’re activating data for marketing and distribution. Panelists shared their approaches to evaluating data sources, leveraging analytics tools, and identifying actionable opportunities for their teams. We also sent out a survey after the event with questions about sources and tools and a small but interesting subset of our client community, responded. Here’s what we learned from the event and survey.

Asset Manager Marketing: Pandemic lessons inform future strategies

Think about where we were in March of 2020. At that time, there was a lot of uncertainty about what the next nine months would look like. Many questions and many changes were to come. Based on a recent survey of and Roundtable with our asset manager clients, we may be looking at another 9-12 months where we face similar marketing conditions. What learned lessons can we apply to make the next twelve months more valuable than the last?
Best practices for managing internal sales teams during COVID-19

Best practices for managing internal sales teams during COVID-19

Managing internal sales teams during the pandemic has presented unique challenges as well as opportunities to experiment with new sales and management strategies. SalesPage held a virtual roundtable with over 30 participants, primarily Internal desk managers representing over 20 different SalesPage and SalesStation clients, to share ideas, challenges, and strategies on managing in a COVID-19 world. Let’s review some of the key themes and highlights captured during the discussion.