Territory Management Software

Territory management software

SalesPage provides territory management software that allows you to define and apply territory and channel assignment rules which truly reflect the complexities of each of your sales channels.

Asset managers guide to territory management

Territory planning: A right-sized approach

If you’re an asset manager looking to improve how you compensate, allocate coverage, and manage territories to maximize your distribution potential, download this guide. Take a right-sized approach to sales territory management and planning.

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Sales territory management tools

SalesPage includes robust territory and channel management tools built to manage the most complex territories that asset managers have implemented. You are able to quickly see sales by territory as well as territory history and to review how proposed territory changes may impact business.

For full flexibility, you can establish territories based on line of business, firm, geography, and/or channel. Multiple territory mappings can be layered to support distinct sales channels. Territory realignments can be proposed, and then reviewed and adjusted easily.

Whether your territory definitions are complicated or straightforward, SalesPage will give you accurate and expected results that reflect your business model. For full confidence in the integrity of your data and territories, put SalesPage to work in your organization.

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