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How CDP is different than a data warehouse

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Associate Data Engineer

SalesPage provides an opportunity for developers to expand and explore other skillsets as part of a client-focused team.  Developers at SalesPage work as part of that team and are given independence and responsibility to fulfill their role in the team. We use a Java EE web-based solution to provide an application for users to manage and view data, and many Java-based data processing, data analysis, and ETL jobs. We provide both software for our clients and a SaaS solution in the AWS cloud.  All developers at SalesPage are full-stack developers, familiar with web application capabilities and development, implementing business logic around client data, using a relational database, and mass data processing techniques. Data Engineers are focused on the mass data processing and relational database usage components of the stack.

Resolution Analyst, Data Operator

The Resolution Analyst, Data Operator provides data mapping and linking that is critical to the investment management industry clients SalesPage data management systems serve. Utilizing various data sources and research methods, this position provides the organization and structure for Firms, Firm Offices, and Contacts to be used in consolidated reporting across multiple platforms and clearing arrangements. In addition, the Resolution Analyst, Data Operator is engaged in ongoing maintenance and client support (channels, territory, transaction code mapping, etc.) that is required to keep the data warehouse integrity and ensure accurate reporting.