Enterprise integration

Integration that brings cohesion and alleviates the headaches caused by the growing number of systems, data sources, and disciplines you face.

Systems SalesPage integrates with

Bringing it all together

Integrating today’s enterprise is a challenging endeavor. Asset managers are presented with a host of third-party data sources ranging from data packs, transfer agent data, market share sources, broker-dealer enrichments, prospecting sources, and supplemental financial sources. A number of systems need access to this data, including CRM, marketing, analytics, compensation, expense management, literature fulfillment, and more.

Beyond this web of data and systems integrations are the people and departments who are attempting to work through a similar web of processes and communication. The challenges of the IT world are also faced by the employees of the firm. Ultimately, all types of integrations—from data to systems, to processes, to business—need to be brought together and streamlined to optimize the function of the enterprise.

SalesPage understands these challenges and we offer a distribution data platform and services that help bring a unified vision of your enterprise to life.

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Data integration

The key to business intelligence and increased revenue comes from owning, understanding, integrating, and using all available data. We focus on data sources specific to the asset management industry. Our distribution data platform uses an established suite of ETL jobs built for the data sources most widely encountered in this space. So, we are able to establish and integrate new data sources into your enterprise quickly and efficiently. SalesPage acts as the firewall for data coming into your firm.

Here’s a sample of the types of data we integrate with:

  • Sales & asset data: To effectively distribute products, you need current, reliable, and verifiable trade, flow, and asset data. We have configured feeds from all of the major data providers in the industry. Currently, that’s at least 174 unique data feeds; that number climbs as new sources and providers enter the market
  • Market intelligence: When you integrate market share data with our solutions, you’re able to identify which product styles are offered by others, pinpoint new offices or locations where you can increase product presence, focus marketing efforts, search for a local market share in a given area, see what you offer in comparison to others, and view how much of the pie is yours. We have integrated with all of the asset management industry primary market intelligence providers and will be integrating with others as they become available.

System integration

While many firms use SalesPage for a whole host of enterprise functions, others use separate applications for CRM, marketing, expense tracking, analytics, compensation, literature fulfillment, and more. These systems require data from each other to function at their best. We have established integrations for many of the major applications used by asset managers. Using our distribution data platform, integrations between your systems can be quickly implemented using business processes specific to your firm. 

We can also enhance the benefit from data available in your upstream systems. With an assortment of integration options available, SalesPage can consume that information and use it to enrich the data already contained within each system.

Systems we integrate with

Here’s a sample of the types of systems SalesPage integrates with:

  • CRM: Get sales reports and market intelligence directly through your CRM. We integrate our distribution data platform with Salesforce (through direct integration or SalesPage Accelerator for Salesforce), Microsoft Dynamics, and other CRM solutions. To learn more, check our asset management CRM offerings.
  • Data warehouse: Ensure that the data going into your data warehouse is accurate, enriched to your business specifications, and easily leveraged by your team and by downstream systems. Our distribution data platform helps you find your truth by making sense of diverse data formats and content from a wide range of industry-specific providers.
  • Data visualization & analytics: While SalesPage includes data, analytics, and reporting capabilities, we also integrate with tools like IBM Cognos Analytics, Tableau, Power BI, Envestnet Analytics, and Oracle Business Intelligence, giving our clients more flexibility in how they want to visualize and leverage data and intelligence. Whatever your BI needs are, we are fully engaged and able to handle the details involved in delivering business intelligence.
  • Outlook & Exchange: You don’t need to adjust your workflow for SalesPage; SalesPage adjusts to your workflow. With so many people employing Outlook for the day-to-day maintenance of their work lives, SalesPage integrates with Outlook to ensure that appointments and meetings are reflected accurately in both systems.
  • Literature fulfillment: From literature to premium items, we make ordering, managing, tracking, and suppressing items in orders easy, either with native tools or by integrating with all the most-used literature vendors.
  • Marketing: Maximize the value of your investment in your marketing software and enhance your distribution efforts by integrating this data within SalesPage. We integrate with many systems, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Pardot), HubSpot, and Marketo—increasing the value of both systems by facilitating data transfer between them.
  • Expense management: Eliminate duplicate entries, incorporate expense data into your entity profiles, and enhance sales management and compliance processes by integrating your expense management software with the SalesPage distribution data platform.
  • Compensation: You want to make sure you’re paying your wholesalers for business they helped close. We’ll help you leverage transactions, assets, and other intelligence data to determine the right amount. Whether we’re sharing through with a third-party tool like Callidus or sending you a file, we’ll make sure you have what you need to accurately compensate.
Teams work together

Business integration

Break down the silos. Asset managers have multiple groups (sales, marketing, data operations, BI, analytics, reporting, management, etc.) and lines of business (intermediary, institutional, national accounts, etc.) all working towards the same end. Communicating and coordinating efforts, data, and technology between these groups is an ongoing challenge.

SalesPage was built with business integration in mind. Here are some examples of how different groups use our distribution data platform to coordinator their efforts:

  • Wholesalers can request services or explore the results from the analytics group directly within SalesPage.
  • Marketing can feed new and relevant leads to sales, to help them target and segment their territories more effectively.
  • National sales can feed agreement and focus information to wholesalers within the same application they use.
  • Institutional teams can manage their relationships with plan sponsors, consultants, and custodians, and can view account information through one solution shared with other lines of business.
  • Management has a seamless view of operations for all distribution teams at a glance.

SalesPage can bring all of these groups together through a distribution data platform that ensures everyone is working together seamlessly and efficiently.

Want to learn more about how we can help you bring it all together?