Feed management

Feed & vendor management

Leverage our experience to help your firm manage feed services, vendor relationships, system integration, and sales operations support that are required to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team.

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  • Feed management

    We proactively monitor all automated feeds coming into your system, as well as any critical system integration points. If an incident occurs, our trained team of technicians go to work to resolve it quickly and efficiently. We employ IT service continuity management for proactive risk planning and reactive incident protocols.

    As you subscribe to new data feeds or formats change (which they frequently do!), we can standardize these feeds and ensure the information is attributed to the proper entities in our distribution data platform.

    We have configured feeds from all of the major data providers in the industry. Currently, that’s at least 174 unique data feeds; that number climbs as new sources and providers enter the market.

  • Vendor management

    Some incidents involve a third-party provider or vendor. Given your permission, we will contact providers on your behalf if incidents occur, to work toward resolution. Our team will set up and maintain any agreed-upon licenses so that you don’t have to worry about it. This includes things like Google Maps, Experian, SS&C SalesConnect and SSL certificates.

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