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Forge the missing link: SalesPage and Salesforce (webinar recording)

Request a recording of our third and final webinar in a series about developing and building out your data strategy where we shared a CDP use case: SalesPage and Salesforce.
Mastering the matrix: Trends in data stewardship and strategy (webinar recording)

Mastering the matrix: Trends in data stewardship and strategy (webinar recording)

Last month, we presented the 2nd webinar in a three-part series about developing and building out your data strategy – Navigate the tide: Master the flow of your client data. In the first webinar, we described establishing a client data platform (CDP) as the foundation for a strong data strategy. After data is consolidated into a single CDP, a strategy for handling data stewardship and for finding a balance between competing internal and industry views can be established. The second webinar dove into the details on mastering the data strategy matrix and trends in the marketplace. Check out this blog post to view clips from the webinar and request a link to the full recording.

Key benefits of a Client Data Platform (webinar recording)

Last month, we presented a webinar in conjunction with On-Course Advisors’ CRM Forum about the challenges and complexity involved with leveraging the growing amount of third-party and proprietary data, and how a data strategy with a centralized Client Data Platform (CDP) can help. Request the webinar recording today and we'll send you a link!

In the Zone—Targeted Scheduling for Wholesalers (webinar recording)

03/26/2015 by
When internal and external wholesalers work together to connect with advisors, time is precious and communication is key. We found—and our clients have confirmed this—that coordinating efforts and delivering the right message at the right time are central to success. SalesPage’s zone management and trip planning tools (standard in our SalesPage Pro and Enterprise+ products) help wholesalers target the right advisors as efficiently as possible.

Webinar: Focus Your Day Around Useful Sales Reports

Please join us for a webinar on December 12, 2013, from 12 – 12:30 PM, ET. We will demonstrate SalesPage’s data management and sales reporting capabilities. We will show how firms use SalesPage to manage and reconcile data feeds to the firm, office, and rep levels; we'll discuss how that data, coupled with other metrics including market share data, is leveraged to automatically trigger sales activity in SalesPage Financial.

Video Training from SalesPage

This past Wednesday, September 25, SalesPage Training Coordinator Ruth Mankowski led a webinar describing SalesPage's new subscription plans for our video training courses. These plans make it much easier for clients to access video training courses when they need them, from within their SalesPage applications.

Webinar: SalesPage Video Training and Subscription Plans

Want to save time answering questions about how to use SalesPage Financial? Wondering how to set up territories, write and save queries, or add some fields to a page in your SalesPage application? Then SalesPage video training may be just what your organization needs.