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Elevating 22c-2 efficiency: Self-service vs. full-service with Clarity Compliance

In the world of asset management, maintaining regulatory compliance while efficiently managing resources is a top priority. The challenges of 22c-2 compliance, such as consolidating data from diverse sources and accurately monitoring market timing violations, demand a holistic approach. Data needed for 22c-2 comes from your Transfer Agent, Sub-Accounting systems, Trust Dealers, Intermediaries, and proprietary sources. For non-NSCC sources, a manual process is required to submit requests, obtain the information, integrate, and analyze it. How can this be done more efficiently?

Risk factors with 22c-2 compliance

Your SEC Rule 22c-2 compliance and risk responsibility, whether it’s a function of an individual or a dedicated team, is to maintain a program that ensures you stay compliant and avoid penalties without putting a strain on your internal resources. This article shares three risk factors asset managers should consider when evaluating your 22c-2 compliance program.
22c-2 now offered by SalesPage: Welcome Clarity Compliance!

22c-2 now offered by SalesPage: Welcome Clarity Compliance!

I am excited to officially announce the acquisition of Clarity Compliance from Envision Financial Systems and Celera Systems. While SalesPage systems have typically been a primary source of record for our clients' 22c-2 compliance, we now offer a turnkey solution bundled into our SalesPage Enterprise and SalesStation platforms. We can also provide a stand-alone service to any firm that is responsible for 22c-2 compliance.