Marketing integration with HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot

I reached out to marketing professionals in the asset management industry recently to inquire about marketing integration, and how they share data between their marketing and sales systems and teams. After gaining insight into their challenges and successes, I want to share some experiences we had helping clients with marketing integration between CRM and mainstream marketing systems out there today: HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot.

While we’re an MDM and asset management CRM for the majority of our clients, we’re agnostic when it comes to marketing technology you have in place or want to layer into your technology stack. SalesPage helps you:

  • Maintain the best entity data
  • Easily and transparently share data, leads, and intelligence between marketing and sales

How do we accomplish these objectives? As part of our requirements gathering process, we work with our clients to understand their integration goals, system architecture, and processes for sharing information. Here are specific examples of how we helped our clients:

Integrate HubSpot with SalesPage

The goals for this client to integrate SalesPage with HubSpot were three-fold:

  • Provide sales with actionable digital insights for relevant conversations
  • Increase productivity and results with warm leads from SalesPage
  • Ensure accurate advisor data in HubSpot

We set up this integration to bring email campaign outcomes and website activity from HubSpot into SalesPage. This allowed sales to not only see but search on content that an advisor viewed on a website or clicked in an email. Advisor profile data, sales, and subscriptions fed from SalesPage to HubSpot, syncing hourly, to for continuous updates. Marketing then had the best data to segment and deliver their messages.

Integrate Marketo with SalesPage

Automating an existing manual process and maintaining data integrity were top of mind for a client who wanted to integrate Marketo and SalesPage. We worked together to achieve this, streamline communication, transfer qualified leads between the systems, and provide sales with a complete picture of the advisor’s digital interaction with their firm.

A few benefits realized from this integration:

  • Involving sales and marketing throughout the process helped adoption and engagement
  • Marketing insights in SalesPage built stronger call lists (who and when to call) and pipelines
  • Improving the visibility of the client’s overall activity with the firm through awareness of digital activity and feedback loops

Integrate Pardot with SalesPage

The motivation, for this particular client, to integrate Pardot with SalesPage was to not only align data between the two systems and eliminate the need to maintain two profiles for each contact but to add marketing outcomes into SalesPage for the sales team. This integration allowed the client to:

  • Add, delete, and update reps (from contact information to Pardot subscription status) and sync changes between the two systems
  • Give sales the option to view Pardot activities in activity history over a period of time
  • Leverage the Pardot score for segmentation and targeting for sales campaigns

With SalesPage as the core data repository, while connecting to a third-party source, gave the client exactly what they needed to align their data. Their team now relies on incoming data to connect with their target audience in delivering the right messages.

How can we help you integrate?

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While your systems, goals, and processes may be different than clients we worked with, we can apply the same expertise and technology to help you maintain the best data to easily and transparently share it between your systems and teams. Let’s talk! I’d be interested to hear your integration stories and share additional insights. Contact me or my team!