Use Teams Data + Advisor IP Matching to target high-value prospects

In the competitive world of asset management, identifying and targeting high-value prospects is crucial for success. Fortunately, two powerful tools—Teams Data and Advisor IP Matching—can work in tandem to help asset managers achieve this goal. By leveraging these datasets, you can gain insights into potential clients actively seeking new investment products, understand their roles within their teams, and build more effective sales and marketing strategies. Layering this data with additional metrics such as AUM, sales, redemptions, distribution expenses, and expense ratios will enable you to calculate profitability scores for advisors more accurately than ever before, resulting in a higher ROI approach to prospecting.

Understanding Teams Data

Teams Data is a comprehensive collection of information about financial advisor teams, encompassing their contact details, roles, and other pertinent data points. By utilizing this data, asset managers can identify the most suitable individuals to engage with regarding their investment products and track the performance of their sales efforts in relation to a team or buying unit. Additionally, understanding the relationships within a team empowers data-driven segmentation strategies, leading to automated personalization of marketing communication.

An image depicting group of advisors on a team with their roles and recommendations for relevant messages to each role.

Team data from SalesPage offers our asset manager clients a distinctive advantage over their peers due to the following key features:

  • Directly Sourced and Best-in-Class Technology: Our team and technology work hand in hand to ensure that the data we provide is comprehensive, accurate, and of the highest quality.
  • Seamless Integration: Team data can be effortlessly bundled with other SalesPage datasets such as Advisor Intent and Profile Data, along with various services, creating a powerful and unified platform for our clients.
  • Data Enrichment: We provide the option of combining our Teams Data with our clients’ first and third-party data through our data standardization and delivery service. This accelerates the process of gaining a complete 360-degree view of clients, enabling our clients to make well-informed decisions based on this valuable data.
Picture of an anonymous website visitor and how they are identified by IP matching

The power of Advisor IP Matching

IP matching is a process that links website visitors’ IP addresses to unique identifiers like an advisor’s CRD number and team affiliations. This enables asset managers to identify potential clients who have visited their website, track their engagement with content, and gauge their interest in exploring the investment products offered. With IP matching, the focus is primarily on sales, making it a strategic approach where visiting specific landing pages indicates a strong intent to make a purchase. By leveraging this sales-first, marketing-second solution, asset managers can capitalize on highly qualified leads, streamlining their efforts for maximum impact.

The competitive advantages of Advisor IP Match from SalesPage are similar to those of our Team Data. Like Team Data, Advisor IP Match can be seamlessly bundled and leveraged alongside our other service offerings, providing our clients with a powerful toolkit to swiftly gain and act on a complete client 360 view. To discover the unique benefits of our IP Match solutions for asset managers, download our fact sheet in one click:

Unlock the Synergy: Combine Advisor IP Matching and Teams Data

When used together, IP Matching and Teams Data empower asset managers with a holistic view of potential clients visiting their websites and their respective roles within their teams. This deeper level of understanding unlocks the potential for more effective targeting in marketing efforts and enables your sales team to make well-informed and profitable decisions on how, when, and with whom to engage. By leveraging this comprehensive insight, asset managers can optimize their outreach strategies, ensuring they connect with the right prospects at the right time for maximum impact and increased profitability.

The value of SalesPage lies in our ability to offer both Team Data and Advisor IP Match as a bundled solution, providing asset managers with a host of benefits:

  • Increased Efficiency: Save valuable time and resources by efficiently identifying potential clients whose investment preferences align perfectly with your offerings.
  • Enhanced Targeting: Elevate your sales and marketing strategies by precisely targeting clients actively searching for new investment opportunities with messages tailored to their specific roles within their teams.
  • Increased ROI: Maximize your marketing investment returns by focusing your efforts on high-value prospects who are most likely to convert.
  • Improved Sales Performance: Gain deeper insights into your sales efforts by accurately attributing sales, assets, and activities to specific teams or buying units, enabling you to fine-tune your future sales strategies for optimal performance.
A screen shot of how SalesPage allows you to see sales, assets, and activities by individual and team directly through your CRM.

By leveraging our bundled solution of Team Data and Advisor IP Match, asset managers can take their prospecting game to new heights, driving greater success and growth in a highly competitive market. Download—in one click—our fact sheet to learn more:

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