How does Advisor Atlas provide you with a distinct advantage?

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How does SalesPage provide Advisor Atlas team data subscribers with a distinct advantage over their peers?

The SalesPage team presented a webinar, From source to CRM: Ingesting and leveraging team data for intelligent distribution, to The SME Forum members and guests last month. If you missed it, I encourage you to request the recording as there were several great insights shared during the presentation and Q&A discussion.

As I was listening to the recording, it was clear that asset managers are struggling with business challenges that arise from the lack of team intelligence. Our team articulated in the webinar how we at SalesPage are helping our clients solve those challenges. However, there was one question that I felt warranted a more thorough response.

How does Advisor Atlas differentiate itself?

More specifically, why do we think Advisor Atlas is the best team data solution for asset managers? The first thing to note is that there are only a couple of other viable options available to asset managers and we respect those offerings. So, we prefer to reframe the question to share how SalesPage provides our Advisor Atlas subscribers with a distinct advantage over their peers, who may choose an alternate team intelligence solution.

1. All team data is directly sourced. All the data utilized and offered through  Advisor Atlas is directly sourced. This includes both registered and non-registered team members, roles, and data. SalesPage believes that all firms will try to gain a competitive edge over the peers they compete with by utilizing the data differently and supplementing it in ways that are unique to them. We believe our highest value is in providing high-quality, directly sourced data that our clients may use as the base for any supplemental data or market intelligence they want to layer on.

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2. The best technology + operations + people = the best team data solution in the business. While Advisor Atlas has long been known for being the premier source for advisor team data, since our acquisition last July, we’ve enhanced the overall offering. Leveraging the SalesPage team and technology, we have upgraded how data is captured, enhanced our delivery options, and empowered our people to focus on increasing quality.

3. SalesPage ability to enhance value through data services. The SalesPage standard delivery method of  Advisor Atlas data is through our data services. This allows our clients to receive some or all the raw data in whatever format they would like. It also provides our clients with the option to have our team enrich Advisor Atlas data with other data they own or license, such as their master entity data or other public or private data sources.

4. SalesPage clients win with bundled options. SalesPage believes that team data is a critical requirement for intelligent distribution. It is our goal to provide SalesPage clients with a distinct advantage over their peers. Therefore, we offer Advisor Atlas team data bundled in with our solutions SalesPage Enterprise, SalesStation, and LumaSuite solutions.

5. SalesPage products roadmap. As a forward-leading technology and services company focused solely on the asset management industry, we believe we provide our SalesPage client community with first-to-market innovations. Our focus on leveraging our knowledge of the industry, hiring top technology and data talent, and working closely with our client community provides SalesPage clients with solutions that will continue to evolve and provide them with increasing options and value.

If you would like to learn more about how Advisor Atlas data can deliver value to your organization, contact our team!