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The asset management industry is rapidly evolving. In order to best serve their clients, financial advisors are teaming up and asset managers are diversifying their offerings and distribution approaches. As your partner for more intelligent distribution, SalesPage is continually evaluating how we can innovate and offer the best solutions to our clients. Through this acquisition, Advisor Atlas will be able to leverage SalesPage’s technology and personnel to enhance its data collection, quality, and delivery. Additionally, SalesPage will be able to make advisor team intelligence more accessible to all asset managers and provide the tools to more effectively realize a return on their investment. For more details on this acquisition, please read the press release below.

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KALAMAZOO – July 1, 2019 – SalesPage Technologies announces the acquisition of Advisor Atlas. As a new division of SalesPage, Advisor Atlas is now positioned to make advisor team intelligence more accessible to asset managers.

Over the past 5 years, advisor teams have continued to grow in number and importance. 54% of all advisors now operate in a team structure and service nearly two-thirds of total advisor-managed assets, according to a study released by Cerulli. Teams allow advisors to specialize their roles, expertise, and client service. For asset managers, knowing who the decision-makers and influencers are and understanding their unique roles on a team are critical to the success of distribution and marketing. Advisor Atlas focuses on a core set of advisor and team data points and using a patent-pending process, continuously compiles and verifies that data to ensure high-quality information with an accuracy rate of 95% or better. Now, with SalesPage’s innovative technology and experienced staff, Advisor Atlas can strengthen its product and delivery options to broaden the accessibility of team data for all asset managers.

SalesPage and Advisor Atlas have partnered in the past to provide data solutions to clients. Through that partnership, Aric Faber, President and CEO of SalesPage, got to know the Advisor Atlas team and recognized their expertise and capabilities in data collection and quality. “With the growing trend towards teaming in the industry, we want to secure access to team data which will help our clients distribute more intelligently,” said Faber. “Acquiring Advisor Atlas ensures this and presents additional opportunities to enhance Advisor Atlas’s service offering.”

“Our focus is on providing our clients with the high quality and timely data that is required to make profitable decisions in this rapidly changing market,” added Todd Hayes, President of Advisor Atlas. “SalesPage has the same vision and commitment to innovation and quality as Advisor Atlas. There is much more we can offer by leveraging SalesPage’s technology and experience, and we’re excited to take our existing partnership to the next level.”

SalesPage actively works with their client community and industry partners to provide asset managers with innovative solutions, which enable them to utilize their data for more intelligent distribution. With the acquisition of Advisor Atlas, SalesPage is positioned to provide team intelligence to more asset managers so they can best service, market, distribute, and measure based on teams.

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About Advisor Atlas

Advisor Atlas was incorporated in 2012 to serve asset management firms and other financial services firms by enriching the viability and efficacy of applied industry data, ensuring that data is consumable by their existing systems, and helping them maintain the data timeliness and quality required to make profitable business decisions.