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New partnerships and enhancements take your team data to the next level

New partnerships and enhancements take your team data to the next level

Growth and Retention Takeaways from The SME Forum

Past purchases, current assets, advisor team profiles, wholesaler activity, market intelligence, and digital engagement are all data points that contribute to a holistic view of an advisor and can indicate purchase and redemption intent. While asset managers are incorporating some of these signals into their distribution strategy, many aren’t effectively leveraging a full continuum of data. How can asset managers utilize past, present, and future data to enhance their growth and retention strategies?

SalesPage and AdvisorTarget now deliver advisor intent data

AdvisorTarget continuously captures, profiles, and signals financial advisors’ active buying behaviors based on their daily editorial reading habits on select financial websites like Nasdaq. By bundling their intent data within our Advisor Atlas team data structure you can see searching activity tied accurately to purchase and redemption activity. Provided as a single source that you can input directly to your CRM or data lake, no internal resources are required to bring these multiple, complex sources together. We are excited to partner with AdvisorTarget and to share this news with you! For more details, check out this post.

SalesPage and Discovery Data partner to provide enhanced advisor intelligence

Discovery Data is a well-respected partner in the asset management industry with regard to firm and advisor data. By bundling their comprehensive broker dealer (BD), RIA, and advisor profile data within the Advisor Atlas team data structure, asset managers have a more in-depth and complete view of their client database. Leveraging this data within the SalesPage platform ensures lower cost, quicker delivery, and data usability for your sales, marketing, analytics, and business intelligence teams. We are excited to partner with Discovery Data and to share this news with you! For more details, check out this post.

Broker dealer data packs: Extract value and enable data-driven distribution

want to succeed in connecting their investment products with clients that will benefit from them most while recouping their own investments in the intelligence. When you use data packs with other client and third-party data, it helps build a more holistic view of your clients and prospects so you can analyze, identify, and engage with the right people who are an ideal fit for your products. In this article, we offer guidance on how to get more value from your data spend and enable data-driven distribution.
Asset managers overcome data struggles for distribution wins

Asset managers overcome data struggles for distribution wins

Get the data right first, then build your distribution strategy and infrastructure around it. That was the key theme from a panel I moderated at The SME Forum last month. The topic was inspired by Ignites’ article Data Bytes: Sales Teams Struggle to Use Analytics and panelists shared insights into their progress and some obstacles they have encountered in the pursuit of a data-driven distribution strategy. After having some time to reflect on their insights, here are three approaches asset managers are using to get the data right and use it effectively in distribution.