Integrating SalesPage and Salesforce for better data and engagement

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For the third and final installment in a 3-part data strategy story, we present a distribution data platform use case: SalesPage and Salesforce: Integrating platforms for better data and engagement. This white paper explores data challenges from the vantage point of CRM.

Salesforce is a robust, enterprise-wide CRM that’s being used by more and more asset managers, but its standard data model doesn’t readily support:

  • Retail intermediary distribution hierarchy – firm, office, rep, partnership, and team (FORPT)   
  • Centralized data, territory management, sales or intelligence insights
  • Data management processing for the volume and variety of data that’s integral to the asset management business

SalesPage is a distribution data platform that acts as a centralized data engine. Not only does it process and reconcile entity, marketing intelligence, sales and asset data, but it also provides an architecture to maintain a FORPT hierarchy and a single version of truth for all your proprietary and third-party client data.

SalesPage and Salesforce white paper

Request a copy of this white paper to learn how, when combining platforms and expertise, you can solve data challenges—from what data should be shared to the best approaches to sharing data—for your firm.

In the May 2018 release of this white paper, we referred to SalesPage as a Client Data Platform. After publishing the Best approach for data activation? CDP and distribution data platforms defined, we now differentiate SalesPage as a distribution data platform. The first two white papers in this series use the term CDP. The third white paper, revised in May 2022, uses the new terminology.

Want to learn more? Check out the first white paper that covers why you a distribution data platform (referenced as a CDP) as the foundation for a strong data strategy: Data—are you riding the crest or drowning? After data is consolidated into a single platform, we shared strategies for handling data stewardship and finding the balance between competing internal and industry views in our second white paper: Navigate the tide: Master the flow of your client data.