Key benefits of a Client Data Platform (webinar recording)

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Last month, we presented a webinar – Data–are you riding the crest or drowning? –  in conjunction with On-Course Advisors’ CRM Forum about the challenges and complexity involved with leveraging the growing amount of third-party and proprietary data, and how a data strategy with a centralized Client Data Platform (CDP) can help.

Key benefits of a Client Data Platform

Your Truth_Client Data Platform

  • Provides a single version of truth for all your data and makes it accessible to all your teams.
  • Builds trust through transparency by channel, line of business, firm and advisor, with consistent reporting.
  • Ensures flexibility in the future to protect your firm, increase and improve your data, and continue to ride the crest.

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This is the first webinar, in a three-part series, we designed to take participants through the lifecycle of building a data strategy. We started by identifying key challenges. Next, we dive into how to build out a CDP to overcome those challenges. Lastly, we’ll take a look at the execution and discuss best practices when deploying a CDP. We’ll post these webinars to our events page and share the recordings on our blog. Stay tuned!

For more information on this topic, check out a recent whitepaper and podcast with Chris Poisson, CTO at SalesPage.