Donoghue Forlines gets smarter BI with SalesPage + Envestnet

Business intelligence (BI) professionals got together earlier this year, at a SalesPage client roundtable, to share and learn about data sources, processes, and tools that they and their asset manager counterparts were using to generate insights and make them actionable. As a continuation of that conversation, we’re sharing a case study on how one client, Donoghue Forlines LLC, gained smarter and more timely BI by leveraging the integration of Envestnet Analytics with SalesPage’s distribution data platform, resolution services, and BI solution.

Donoghue Forlines LLC is a tactical investment firm that has specialized in risk-managed portfolios since 1986. Their tactical strategies are based upon rigorous analysis of decades of historical data. The Donoghue Forlines strategies utilize technically driven rules-based and fundamental global macro research to recognize shifts in market momentum and uses proprietary tactical signals to help preserve capital in down trending markets and potentially offer strong client-centric risk-adjusted returns over a full market cycle.

Lots of data; Limited time and resource

In order to connect the dots between their products and the advisors, institutions, and investors that benefit from them most, Donoghue knew they needed to be able to gain visibility into their mutual fund and SMA business and act on intelligence from multiple data sources, quickly. The main obstacles were time and resources. Having to manually view data on the Envestnet platform and, for compensation, download data on a monthly basis lengthened the process to obtain actionable BI and reduced time spent on higher-value work.

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Streamlined process with data and platform connectivity

Donoghue had been working with Envestnet and SalesPage for a number of years. Initially, they leveraged SalesPage to handle mutual fund sales reporting only. Through the planning process, Donoghue decided they wanted the same level of reporting for SMAs that they had for mutual funds. Envestnet would Publish reporting data through the Envestnet Advanced Manager Portal, which provided the information needed for Donoghue to handle compensation, which saved Donoghue time by not having to log in to the Envestnet’s platform.

In the next phase of their project, Donoghue sought to broaden and streamline their BI reporting. Again, the challenge was time and resources. They needed to get the data in the right format and resolved to firms/offices/advisors in order to get the robust reporting they were aiming for. SalesPage and Envestnet worked together to outline a plan that would allow SalesPage to accept and process a daily extract via Envestnet’s Secure File Transfer Protocol(Available to Advanced Clients) and eliminate manual steps.

When Donoghue executed this plan, they benefited from SalesPage and Envestnet working together to systematically include Envestnet Analytics data in their SalesPage data platform and achieve consolidated reporting. Let’s take a look at how this works.

Diagram that shows the flow of data from Envestnet to SalesPage's platform, which shares it with SalesPage BI and SalesPage for Salesforce applications

As a subscriber to the Advanced Dashboard in Envestnet’s Manager Portal, Donoghue is eligible to receive a data extract with the option of logging into the platform for additional BI tools and insights. SalesPage built the connectivity and processes to accept and load this data extract which included daily flows and monthly assets directly into SalesPage.

Timely intelligence; better distribution

Donoghue has realized value along the way. Rick Molari, COO, Portfolio Manager described the continuum as, “Receiving emailed daily mutual fund sales reporting broken out by territory was a great value add for our team in the field. Adding the Envestnet SMA detail was an easy decision and allowed us to provide the same level of service to our growing SMA client base. Further streamlining our process with consolidated comprehensive sales reporting from SalesPage, directly into Salesforce, was a game-changer for our organization.”

The result of this integration has allowed Donoghue to have information at their fingertips each day versus pulling information ad hoc or doing monthly downloads. It’s saved them time and their sales team is able to act on the insights from this holistic data view more readily.

Your next step

If you use Envestnet Analytics or another intelligence provider and are looking to streamline your process to be able to act on timely intelligence, contact us! We’d be happy to discuss what the most effective approach would be for your firm.