Distribute intelligently: MDM and asset management CRM

Adding up the pieces equals intelligence

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Last month, I shared a story about how SalesPage is helping one of your peers solve data challenges by integrating SalesPage with Salesforce. Today I’m focusing on big data, the challenges asset managers have with bringing it together, and how SalesPage can help with a master data management (MDM) solution integrated with asset management-specific CRM.

The number of companies that provide market intelligence has been growing exponentially over the past few years. Every time I check my news feed or chat with a colleague at a conference I learn about a new data feed, service, or technology used to enhance marketing and distribution efforts. For instance, if MarTech Today’s stats are accurate, the number of marketing technology providers went from roughly 150 to 5,000 in the span of 6 years, and this doesn’t include the additional data that platform providers are offering back to your firm

Having the right data, intelligence, and technology to market and distribute your products is great, but how do you bring all this disparate data together? In particular, asset managers struggle to connect systems (marketing, CRM, website, etc.) and data (entity, sales, asset, and more) to exhibit a holistic view of the client to identify and segment key targets for your sales and marketing teams.

 In January 2020, SalesPage made some changes to our product offerings. Asset management CRM became an optional feature with SalesPage Enterprise and we discontinued SalesPage Pro, replacing it with SalesStation, a turnkey solution for outsourced data management and sales reporting with an industry-specific managed Salesforce CRM application on the front end. For more information, visit:

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Let me share a few examples of how we help solve these challenges with SalesPage Enterprise, a feature-rich solution for firms that have complex data integration and industry-specific CRM requirements.

Bring data, intelligence, and technology together

The majority of our client community uses SalesPage Enterprise. Instead of focusing on one client story, here are a few examples of key features and how they helped our clients distribute intelligently:

  • Master Data Management: A client of ours had what I call a “spaghetti soup” of systems they built to process several different feed sources and share data with their CRM and other systems. It was inefficient, expensive, and prone to breakdowns. They were comforted to know that many of our clients had experienced something similar. SalesPage Enterprise+ includes data management; which allows these clients to eliminate their existing, disorganized, and overly complex solutions. With SalesPage, they now have one comprehensive system for Master Data Management and CRM to create a single source of truth for their data. Additionally, this golden source of data can be leveraged with their other enterprise systems.
  • Asset Management CRM: After quickly outgrowing their industry-agnostic CRM system, another client wanted a specialized system that provided asset management-specific functionality. In their evaluation of SalesPage, they identified a number of unique capabilities that would allow them to work more fluently and skillfully. Three of these included:
    • Persona-specific dashboards: Unique dashboards for each persona (e.g. internal and external wholesalers, sales management, and operations) deliver the data and features each user group needs to be more effective in their roles.
    • Tracking and Reporting: The ability to track items like teams; and see sales and redemptions at the rep, office, and firm levels ensure you have the information you need with the right connections to expertly manage distribution efforts.
    • Entity structure: SalesPage supports multiple distribution channels (Intermediary, DCIO, institutional, RIA, etc.) with unique entity structures.
  • Enterprise Integration: We have several clients that implemented best-in-class marketing automation software to enhance their marketing efforts, and integrated it with our SalesPage Enterprise+ solution to streamline the passing of leads and entity data between their marketing and sales teams. This combination allowed them to utilize a single source of truth for firm, office, rep, and team data; readily share that data; report cooperatively; and ensure marketing and sales remained in line.

As your data, technology, and complexity grow, consider SalesPage as a solution to bring it all together. Let us help your distribution team be more targeted, efficient, and able to distribute intelligently. Stay tuned for a third and final post about SalesPage solutions for data challenges. If you would like to share your story and chat about how we can help you solve your challenges, contact us!