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I’ve written a couple posts about how SalesPage can help you solve data challenges and distribute your products more intelligently by integrating with Salesforce and bringing data together with our MDM and CRM solutions in SalesPage Enterprise. For my third and final post in this series, I’m going to share an example of how we’re helping small-to-medium size asset managers grow with our complete solution: SalesPage Pro. [As of January 2020, SalesPage Pro has been replaced with SalesStation, our turnkey solution for outsourced data management with a Salesforce CRM managed interface.]

Generic CRM: Not enough

When I talk to small-to-medium size asset managers, I repeatedly hear the same issues. They have a unique product or investment strategy, and they want to get smarter in reaching existing and prospective clients with their message. While a generic CRM is helpful in tracking their activities and managing their calendar, they’re having to go elsewhere for sales data (if they even have access to it) and asset management specific functionality; such as team and channel management. Frustratingly, these firms don’t have the large budget larger firms do to augment their generic CRMs with the functionality for “intelligent distribution.” If only there was a sales data system with asset management specific CRM tools in an easily accessed, hosted solution…

Asset management CRM: Just what you need

Let me share an example where we helped simplify complexity, and provided a quick-to-implement and easy-to-use tool to manage your distribution channel(s).

We have a client that first engaged with us when they were just a start-up entering the mutual fund intermediary distribution business. While they didn’t have funds in the marketplace yet, they expected to soon; and wanted a simple platform that would continuously grow with them in terms of capability and cost. They investigated other CRM providers (including Salesforce) to quickly learn that in order to achieve productivity they would need to bring on staff and work with a third party to customize their CRM, and integrate it with an MDM solution for processing their transfer agent and 3rd party entity data.

They found a complete, cost-effective solution ready for implementation with SalesPage Pro [now SalesStation].  Let’s understand why. Smaller asset managers differ from larger ones in that they often don’t have the dedicated resource for:

  • Trade resolution
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Business intelligence
  • Software administration and CRM customization

As a result, smaller firms stand to gain substantial business efficiencies when they work with a software provider that fills in these gaps; eliminating the use of expensive resources. SalesPage is a true partner because we provide these capabilities in our applications and services.

This client ultimately chose to work with SalesPage for five reasons:

  • Bundled capabilities (master data management, reporting, CRM, and more) in a single solution
  • Time to market
  • Continuum of asset management specific solutions that grow with you
  • Cost structure that parallels growth
  • Access to SalesPage knowledge and experience in the asset management business

SalesPage Pro is a system designed to help asset managers sell intelligently, not blindly.

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If you find you’re lacking the intelligence to distribute effectively; and are in the market for a comprehensive, industry-specific solution that you can implement quickly, let’s do it! Contact us or reach out to me directly and we’ll talk about how SalesPage Pro [now SalesStation] can work for you.