Maximizing impact: How Boutique and Emerging Asset Managers thrive with data management partnerships

Image of data management systems and partners

In a world where data reigns supreme, boutique and emerging asset managers increasingly recognize the power of effective data management to sharpen their distribution approach and outcomes. Following our introductory guide on why asset managers might seek a data management partner, this post delves into the experiences of those who took the leap, partnering with SalesPage to enhance their data capabilities.

Why leap? Deciding Factors Behind Data Management

The decision to invest in data management is vital for the growth of boutique and emerging asset managers. Forces driving managers include: identifying Advisors who hold assets and having the necessary details to compensate the distribution team. Managers make their decisions based on strategic recommendations from peers and their observations of industry best practices. They recognize that to sustain growth and improve client engagement, an upgrade in their data handling is imperative.

Unexpected Discoveries: Beyond the Initial Scope

Many asset managers embark on this partnership with specific goals like improved sales reporting or CRM integration. However, they often encounter positive surprises along the way. For example, an emerging asset manager found that SalesPage not only met their data management needs but also provided strategic advice that was crucial for asset raising. SalesPage has a broad view of how managers are distributing their strategies. For this manager, SalesPage provided suggestions regarding third-party marketers and how to best structure email campaigns. This added value transformed their initial investment into a more comprehensive partnership, offering broader benefits than initially anticipated.

Why SalesPage? The Decision-Making Process

Clients choose SalesPage for several reasons:

  1. Expertise and Trust: Our industry is a small world. An asset management professional who moves to a new firm may have worked with SalesPage in the past. When it comes time for a change in technology and approach, the trust built through previous interactions and the reputation among peers plays a significant role.
  2. Referrals and Recommendations: Referrals from satisfied clients underscore the community’s trust in SalesPage’s capabilities.
  3. Comprehensive Support: Boutique asset managers look for more than just a service provider; they seek a partner who will guide them through the complexities of data management and help leverage data for business growth.

Client Stories: Impact and Transformation

A rapidly growing Boutique Asset Manager focused on special markets

Starting with mutual funds and planning to expand to SMA data, this boutique asset manager’s journey leveraged the scalability of solutions that SalesPage offers. Their leadership appreciated not just the technical solutions, but also the strategic guidance provided.

As a small and emerging manager, this firm had little time to log in to business analytics tools, even though the data was valuable. The challenge was solved by creating custom reports delivered automatically daily, weekly, and monthly via email. When the reports generate questions, a deeper dive into the data is still available through the business intelligence platform.

An Emerging Asset Manager with institutional business, expanding into mutual funds

An emerging asset manager needed to set up an independent Salesforce environment as they spun off from their parent company. SalesPage not only helped migrate their data, but also integrated their institutional private funds into the system. With plans to offer other vehicles in the future, including mutual funds and SMA. They now have a distribution data platform that can handle their strategic growth.

“The entire project was well scoped out and organized in such a way that we were able to layer critical users into the process as the project progressed. The project management has been top-notch as well as the technical deep dives and turnaround. Your team is amazing!”

Chief Technology Officer

An established Boutique Asset Manager who needed to get back on track with sales reporting

Following a CRM customization and integration project from their internal IT department, a boutique manager assessed that the results were not acceptable. This manager’s leadership recognized the need for SalesPage to start with getting their funds data in order. The increased visibility of Producers (Advisors with assets) has been paired with strong strategy performance to raise over 1 billion dollars in the past quarter.

“SalesPage has been an amazing partner. The team delivered everything that was promised.”

Head of Institutional Sales

A Partnership for Growth

The experiences of these boutique and emerging asset managers illustrate that choosing the right data management partner is crucial. It’s not just about managing data. Integrating intelligence and transforming it into a strategic asset provides the return on investment. SalesPage stands out as a partner capable of turning the complex data landscape into a competitive advantage for asset managers.

For boutique and emerging asset managers pondering this significant step, these stories provide a clear picture of the tangible benefits a skilled partner like SalesPage can offer. Whether it’s leveraging data for asset raising or refining client interaction strategies, the right partnership can make all the difference.