SalesPage and SalesStation unite


Our industry is evolving. SalesPage is evolving, too. We’re adapting to find more ways to assist asset managers and solve the challenges they encounter. We’re looking ahead and taking steps to help you distribute intelligently and competitively both today and in the future. Adding SalesStation to our family of products allows us to better serve the entirety of the market. Combining these teams expands our wealth of industry knowledge and accelerates innovation, so that more asset managers benefit as a result. We are excited to join forces with SalesStation and to share this news with you! For more details, please read the press release below, and visit SalesStation.

Aric Faber

KALAMAZOO, MI – January 6, 2020 – SalesPage Technologies, LLC announced today that it has acquired Celera’s SalesStation division. Aric Faber will continue to lead SalesPage as the President and CEO. Mike Giunta, formerly Executive VP of Sales Reporting Solutions at Celera, will join SalesPage as a Director and will continue to lead the SalesStation team. Celera Systems, LLC will continue to operate its literature fulfillment and compliance businesses under the leadership of Kevin Klein.

“We are thrilled to have the SalesStation team join the SalesPage family,” said Aric Faber. “Their culture, their knowledge of the industry, and the services they provide to asset managers almost mirror those of SalesPage. SalesStation’s solutions and position with boutique to medium-size asset management firms really complement the services that SalesPage provides for larger enterprises.”

Mike Giunta commented, “Together, we will be able to leverage our combined expertise and technology to enhance the products and services we offer to asset managers. We look forward to helping our clients better adapt to changes in the market and thrive.”
SalesStation will maintain its primary office in Milwaukee, WI, and SalesPage headquarters will remain in Kalamazoo, MI. With the acquisition earlier this year of Advisor Atlas and now SalesStation, SalesPage has team members in 9 locations around the US.

About SalesStation

SalesStation has partnered with asset management firms for nearly 20 years. As a turnkey solution for outsourced data management and sales reporting, SalesStation delivers the intelligence that boutique to medium-size asset managers need to make effective business decisions. This intelligence is leveraged by SalesStation clients through custom dashboards, an industry-specific managed Salesforce CRM application, and other business systems critical to the client’s operation. In 2020, SalesStation became part of the SalesPage suite of solutions for asset managers.

About SalesPage Technologies, LLC

SalesPage Technologies helps asset managers use data to connect investment products to the clients who will benefit from them most. SalesPage solutions function within each client’s data architecture, providing data management, sales operations, and reporting—all while integrating with their CRM, BI platforms, and other systems. The SalesPage family of products includes SalesPage distribution data platform solutions, SalesStation outsourced data management, Advisor Atlas team data, and LumaSuite data service. SalesPage’s total value combines our industry-specific solutions, a staff with deep industry knowledge, and a close-knit client community who help guide our product development. SalesPage works directly with over 90 asset managers.