LumaSuite delivers data clarity to asset managers

One of SalesPage’s core values is innovation. As asset management grew more data-driven and the flood gates from broker dealers and third-party data providers began to open, we innovated our technology to help our clients harness and leverage this data intelligently. LumaSuite was born on a whiteboard and we are thrilled now to introduce this service to the marketplace officially. For more details, please read the press release below, and visit LumaSuite, to learn how you can quickly and easily add new data sources and capitalize on our service bureau to improve the usability of your client data.

Aric Faber 

KALAMAZOO – October 7, 2019 – SalesPage Technologies announces a new service that standardizes a client’s third-party data according to their business needs. LumaSuite provides asset managers with a consistent, reliable, and usable file set for easy consumption into their existing data architecture. Asset managers are using more third-party data to segment, generate leads, and match products to client and prospect interests. Each third-party source has a unique format and data elements that can change often; this is particularly true with broker dealer data packs. The effort required to consume disparate data from multiple sources has amplified the cost of third-party data, reduced the benefit, and even deterred some asset managers from investing in it. With the introduction of LumaSuite, SalesPage solves this challenge.

LumaSuite is a cloud-based solution that allows asset managers to ingest and leverage the third-party data they consume more easily and expeditiously. It processes a client’s third-party sources, standardizes them into a single data format, and provides the option of securely reconciling those sources with the client’s existing FORPT (Firm, Office, Rep, Partnership, Team) data. This data can then be accepted within the existing environment through a standard set of consistent and reliable files that can be consumed by enterprise systems (e.g. CRM, marketing, analytics, reporting), data warehouses, or data lakes.

“SalesPage helps our clients maximize the value of their data to drive more intelligent and profitable distribution. Unfortunately, many asset managers are having difficulty realizing their desired ROI for the third-party data they purchase,” Aric Faber, President and CEO of SalesPage said. “With LumaSuite, we can now help asset managers who are not utilizing SalesPage software to maximize the value of the data they have licensed.”

LumaSuite will be available to the broader asset management industry in October 2019, for all firms that verify they either own the data involved or have properly licensed that data from third-party sources. Prior to processing data, SalesPage will certify that LumaSuite is compliant with the licensing requirements firms have agreed to with their third-party data providers.