Advisor team data bundles

SalesPage offers advisor team data bundled with BD, RIA, advisor profile, and advisor behavioral intent data and within the SalesPage platform.

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Grow advisor team intelligence

We source advisor team data from Advisor Atlas. Advisor Atlas maintains a master database of 35,000+ financial advisor teams and over 155,000 reps (registered and non-registered) and growing. You can take advantage of Advisor Atlas as a standalone data offering or bundled with additional data sources from Discovery Data. Leveraging this data within the SalesPage platform ensures lower cost, quicker delivery, and data usability.

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Target the right BDs, RIAs, and advisors

Discovery Data is a well-respected partner in the asset management industry with regard to firm and advisor data. By bundling their comprehensive broker dealer (BD), RIA, and advisor profile data within the Advisor Atlas team data structure, asset managers have a more in-depth and complete view of their client database. With an Advisor Atlas + Discovery Data bundle, you can truly focus on the top opportunities and what you do best – distributing and selling your products.

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Know who's buying what and when

AdvisorTarget continuously captures, profiles, and signals financial advisors’ active buying behaviors based on their daily editorial reading habits on select financial websites like Nasdaq. Combining patented, cookie-free data capture technology with advanced data science practices, AdvisorTarget data identifies what advisors are going to buy or sell next. AdvisorTarget data signals are over 96% correlated with actual asset purchases.

With Advisor Atlas and AdvisorTarget working together, you can see searching activity tied accurately to purchase and redemption activity. Layering team data with intent data provides context for advisor intent signals and illuminates behavior patterns among members of a team. Provided as a single source that you can input directly to your CRM or data lake, no internal resources are required to bring these multiple, complex sources together.

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Act on data intelligence, quickly

Bundling Advisor Atlas and Discovery Data within the SalesPage platform allows you to act on data, quickly.

  • Provides ongoing rule-based support for importing BD and RIA firm, advisor, and advisor team data and handling it appropriately
  • Automatically creates data profiles according to your rules
  • Augments firm, advisor, and team data with your territory and channel structures, as well as your sales data
  • Optimizes the availability of up-to-date data in searches and queries 
  • Enables utilization of data in sales and marketing campaigns

Bundle options

With SalesPage’s flexible platform we offer multiple data sets and delivery options to ensure you’re getting exactly the intelligence you need, where you need it, so that it’s immediately useable. Contact us to discuss options.

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