ETF transparency and buyer intent

From buyer intent data to transparency into who is purchasing, SalesPage provides what you need to accelerate your exchange-traded fund (ETF) distribution.

SalesPage report on ETF data and transparency

Identify who is buying your ETFs

If you are new to the ETF market or are established and growing, you likely desire greater transparency. Unlike other investment vehicles such as mutual funds and SMAs, ETFs can change ownership at any time without you being aware and they do so frequently. Transparency into who is holding positions in your ETFs relies on employing one to multiple sources of data, each with its own advantages, disadvantages, and costs. Once you choose your source(s), you then have the complexity of employing them. This is where we help!

Using SalesPage to reconcile your ETF source(s) with your other data helps correct for the overlap in coverage (the same business could be accounted for multiple times at multiple levels) and, if your data sources provide enough detail, allows us to attribute sales to the advisor level. Download this article to help determine the data source(s) and approach that are best for you.

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Looking at data

Target advisors interested in ETFs

The easiest way to get an advisor’s attention is to enter a conversation they are already having in their own mind. How would your sales and marketing strategies change if you knew which advisors are reading about your or a competitor’s ETFs in preparation to purchase? SalesPage is partnered AdvisorTarget to provide you with behavioral data that identify advisors who are ready to buy and sell.

AdvisorTarget continuously captures, profiles, and signals financial advisors’ active buying behaviors based on their daily editorial reading habits on select financial websites like Nasdaq. In addition, we have the capability of creating content that would further identify potential advisors that would be interested in your ETF products.

Start generating more awareness and growth for your ETFs. We can send you a monthly list of advisors who are signaling to buy, or you can leverage AdvisorTarget data through our platform which gives you the option to have it combined with your sales data, Advisor Atlas team data, and advisor data from Discovery, and to have it delivered directly to your CRM or data lake. Contact us to determine what’s the best solution for you. 

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