How advisor intent data helps distribution

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What is advisor intent data?

Advisor intent data refers to the information gathered on financial advisors’ behavior, preferences, and activities, which can help asset managers better understand their needs and tailor their marketing and distribution efforts accordingly. This data is typically gathered by marketing tools or third parties, from various channels including web browsing behavior, email engagement, and social media interactions. 

How does it help distribution?

Asset managers can use advisor intent data in several ways to improve their distribution efforts. Here are a few examples: 

  1. Personalization: By analyzing intent data, asset managers will understand what products and services different advisors are interested in and be able to personalize their marketing and communication efforts accordingly. For example, if an advisor frequently browses content related to ESG investing, the asset manager can send them targeted content and product offerings related to ESG funds. 
  1. Timing: Intent data also helps asset managers time their marketing and communication efforts more effectively. For example, with IP matching, the asset manager can identify who (without them filling out a form) is visiting their website, what they’re reading, and time outreach with relevant information when that advisor is most likely ready to buy.  
  1. Relationship building: Intent data can also help asset managers build stronger relationships with advisors. By understanding their needs and interests, asset managers can provide value-added content and services that are more likely to resonate with advisors and help build trust and loyalty. 

Overall, advisor intent data can provide asset managers with valuable insights into advisors’ behavior and preferences, which can help them tailor their distribution efforts and improve their chances of success. 

Why do asset managers choose SalesPage for intent data?

Asset managers choose SalesPage because we not only provide advisor intent data, but we layer it with advisor team, marketing engagement, and sales data. This aggregated view provides even stronger indicators of who is further along in the purchase funnel and is prime for outreach.

Our intent data comes in the form of lead signals and Advisor IP Match, which capture what marketing automation tools can’t (at least not until the visitor has completed a form). With IP match, we pair website visitor data with unique identifiers—Advisors’ CRDs and related team and partnership affiliations—and deliver that aggregated and mastered data through SalesPage’s distribution data platform to you in a format that’s readily usable by your systems and actionable for your teams.

Knowing who is visiting your website and what they’re reading, through our IP-matching process, signals to your sales and marketing teams which specific advisors and related team members may be interested in your products and ready to buy.

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