#givingback: Melissa Klein uses CRM skills for the community

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In our series #givingback at SalesPage, we highlight the different ways that members of our team are involved in their communities. One of our core values is passion, and we believe in the power of our people to be a positive force within their team and community.

Team spotlight: Melissa Klein

We’re excited to feature Melissa Klein, CRM Solutions Manager at SalesPage and active volunteer with the Coalition for Children, Youth, and Families. Her volunteer work combines her knowledge of Salesforce and CRM Solutions with her passion to provide for the greater good, which has been a springboard for her personal and professional growth.

The mission of the CCYF is to inspire, inform, and support families to build strength, confidence, and resiliency by serving as a caring, expert, and neutral resource for families and caregivers throughout the state of Wisconsin. They provide training, support, and placement for foster care kids and families. They host events and offer an array of resources readily available to those in need. Check out this video from their YouTube channel!

Melissa was first introduced to the CCYF by former SalesPager and Coalition board member, Mike Giunta. In 2004, when the Coalition was looking for a resource to help them implement a new CRM system he recommended Melissa for the role. She dove into her work quickly, serving as the Director of Information Technology for the Coalition for over 3 years. When CCYM decided to upgrade to Salesforce in 2015, they reached out to Melissa, who by that time was working for Celera. She took it on as a side project, migrated all CCYF’s data into Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud, configured customized client inquiry tracking, trained users, and created custom reports & dashboards. Melissa now assists CCYF on an ongoing volunteer basis, and in the past year she has:

  • Created reports and dashboards to analyze and display household and donor metrics
  • Assisted in setting up an automated email to survey clients after inquiries
  • Rolled out Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to provide users data security

Currently, Melissa is helping to ensure CCYF stays up to date by leading them through an upgrade to Salesforce Lightning. It is in the testing phase, so it is not quite done, but the project has been successful so far!

Melissa has made many connections between SalesPage and the Coalition for Children, Youth, and Families. One of her past CCYF projects was to create custom activity buttons for their Salesforce application. This turned out to be beneficial for SalesPage because later that year, a client had the same requirement!

Melissa Klein

“Both organizations [SalesPage and the Coalition for Children, Youth, and Families] are run by good people who want to do what’s right for their employees, clients, and partners.”

Melissa Klein

Thank you, Melissa, for #givingback and bringing back skills and care from your work with the Coalition for Children, Youth, and Families. To learn more about CCYF and how you can support their mission, visit their website.