SalesPage celebration: 2021 Holiday Party

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Earlier this month, SalesPagers from across the country came together in Kalamazoo for our annual holiday party. Between our increasingly remote workforce and staff growth in the past year, this was the first chance for many to meet their team members face-to-face! It was great to have a full house here at the home office and to see so many old and new faces throughout the week.


Early in the week, the SalesPage team assembled at the Foundry building for in-person networking and education.

First, Beverly Dube, one of SalesPage’s financial service industry SME’s and Head of Strategy, held an open learning session. This was a great opportunity for interdepartmental knowledge-sharing. She presented with a Q&A format and encouraged everyone to bring their own topics to the table. As a result, we had some thoughtful discussions that helped increase our collective knowledge about our industry and business.

Next, John Pumphrey, SalesPage’s very own “Godfather of Data” held a session to educate the team on our new data partnerships. He focused on the value to our clients and gave a preview of the changes we can expect in 2022 and beyond.

Finally, staff participated in a team-building workshop facilitated by our friends at Humanergy. The workshop helped us learn our Myers-Briggs type indicator and compared the results of the larger group. Then, we discussed how to use this knowledge to increase our emotional intelligence and connect more effectively with our colleagues.

SalesPage Takeover at the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange

The team worked hard this week, and by the time Thursday came around, we were ready to play hard! For this year’s holiday party, we did a total takeover of the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange. At this renowned Kalamazoo establishment, drink prices change based on supply and demand. When the market “crashes”, the drink prices decrease and the crowd’s excitement increases!

SalesPagers enjoyed an evening of food, drinks, and entertainment. As a living testament to our growth in 2021, this year’s event marks the biggest holiday party in SalesPage history! A big thanks to the staff of the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange for the outstanding service and great experience. Check out the gallery below for photos of team members throughout the night.