#givingback: John and the Friends of the Danvers Dog Park

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In our series #giving back at SalesPage, we highlight the different ways that members of our team are involved in their communities. One of our core values is passion, and we believe in the power of our people to be a positive force within their team and community.

June team feature: John Pumphrey

Our team member feature this month is John Pumphrey, the Director of Sales Enablement Solutions at SalesPage. With the help of his pup, Finn, John volunteers with Friends of the Danvers Dog Park. Danvers is part of historic Endicott Park, the former estate of the wealthiest shipping merchant in Salem, Massachusetts. Endicott has some of the most unique recreational lands in the area, including a farm, orchards, woodland, and marshes, and is home to a variety of farm animals and wildlife.

John stumbled across the locked dog park on an afternoon walk, soon after moving to Danvers and adopting Finn. He returned to the park when it opened in September (on his birthday!) and met members of a local non-profit selling T-shirts and engraved bricks to support the park. Being new to Danvers, John was trying to find ways to get involved in the community. As a result, John was intrigued and began attending monthly meetings at the local senior center. The Friends of Danvers group is small but mighty, and six months in, John replaced the retiring Vice President.

Dog park dreams

The Friends of Danvers group tries to meet with the town a few times a year to give input on park initiatives and more recently, to coordinate resources for the park upgrade this summer. The upgrades include making the park ADA accessible, improving paths and drainage, fixing the water pipes, and adding more shade. They also plan to install the engraved bricks purchased by the community, which are currently taking over John’s driveway.

To support this summer’s upgrade, the group hosted events like a comedy night and a yard sale of donated items with proceeds going to the park. Fundraising is a key activity that helps sustain yearly improvements and park clean-ups. The events also help with community networking and developing more interest in the park. John says the group has had more new volunteers come help with clean-up this year than in previous years. Not everyone has a yard for their dog to run in, and some Danvers residents live on busy streets. With many people spending more time outside since COVID-19, residents appreciate that the park provides a clean, safe place where dogs can get true exercise.

Furry friends of SalesPage

John says one of the best things about being a dog owner is making connections. Talking to people about their dogs is an easy conversation starter, and opens the door to a deeper relationship. He says “It’s rewarding to see the old-school sense of community. People are playing with their dogs and talking to neighbors, not caught up on their phones. Residents come in from other towns or stop while traveling through and it’s a great way to meet new people.”

In the spirit of this connection, we asked our staff to share photos of the pets in their lives. The result was an inbox full of joy and a newfound appreciation for the diverse furry, feathered, and scaly friends of our colleagues!