#givingback: Tee-ball tizzy with Coach Leah

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In our series #giving back at SalesPage, we highlight the different ways that members of our team are involved in their communities. One of our core values is passion, and we believe in the power of our people to be a positive force within their team and community.

May team feature: Leah Bader

It’s warming up in Michigan and life is slowly returning to “normal” as more of the state relaxes restrictions. For many families, this means the return of team sports for kids who have spent most of the winter indoors. Our May team feature is Leah Bader, a Project Coordinator at SalesPage. She volunteers her time and experience by coaching tee-ball in the Hopkins school district where her niece lives.

Leah stepped up to the plate when her sister asked for help coaching her niece’s co-ed tee-ball team of five and six-year-olds. Leah is no stranger to team sports, having coached middle school volleyball in the past. She also regularly participates in a co-ed softball league of friends and their families. Leah says that softball has been an integral part of their friend group for years, so this coaching opportunity was a natural extension of her interests.

Because the kids are so young and impressionable, Leah’s first priority as a coach is to help them develop a liking for the sport. Not only does she work on basics like hitting and catching, but also how to follow directions and work as a team. Above all, her coaching style focuses on balancing game skills and safety with providing a positive experience.

It can be difficult to keep the energy and attention of these kids up for a whole game. As a result, Leah focuses on celebrating the “little wins” to keep her team engaged. Her favorite part of the experience is how excited kids get when they make little achievements. She says, “For these kids, hitting the ball off the tee or catching it at first base is like hitting a home run!”

Leah is constantly finding connections between her experience as a coach and her role at SalesPage. Even at five and six, the kids on her team have very different personalities and learning styles. Similarly, each client Leah works with has a different background and unique needs. Leah says, “Coaching has helped me learn and practice communicating with different personalities and adapting on the fly.”