#givingback with Beth, Karie, and the Girl Scouts

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In our series #giving back at SalesPage, we highlight the different ways that members of our team are involved in their communities. One of our core values is passion, and we believe in the power of our people to be a positive force within their team and community.

January team feature: Beth Kaltenbach and Karie Powers

We’re excited to start 2021 with a #givingback double-feature! This month, we are spotlighting Beth Kaltenbach and Karie Powers, two staff members and leaders of the same Girl Scout troop.

Beth, a Support Manager, and Karie, a Project Manager met when their daughters asked to join the local Girl Scout troop. Both women are planners and “do-ers” at SalesPage, so it isn’t surprising they were quickly enlisted to help lead the troop! Karie was recruited to SalesPage through Beth, and jokes that she joined the Girl Scouts the same way. The troop needed another parent leader to operate and, as a former Girl Scout herself, Karie was ready to jump in when she saw a need.

The mission of the Girl Scouts is to build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. They focus on creating girl-led environments where members are exposed to survival skills and life skills. Activities incorporate strong self-awareness and understanding of how decisions impact the future. Scouts will tell you that it is not enough to pick up trash on a path; they will talk about why the trash is there in the first place and how they can prevent it in the future.

Girl Scouts is unique because of the emphasis on girl-led activities. The girls themselves are responsible for every step of the process. They come up with ideas, plan out itineraries, and coordinate activities as a team. Beth and Karie agree this is one of the hardest, yet fulfilling aspects of the volunteer experience. They get to watch the girls grow and develop, but must also allow them to make (and learn from) their own mistakes.

From adaptability and patience to team organization and goal setting, Beth and Karie bring lessons learned in Girl Scouts back to their professional roles. For Karie, developing soft skills with the girls has helped improve her personal interactions with clients. For Beth, the experiences inspire continued goal setting for quality and incorporating creativity. They have fun spending time with their kids, and Karie says, “It gives the adults the opportunity to be a kid again!”

Digital Cookie Booth

Troop operations and activities have been different through COVID, but some things never change – like Girl Scout cookie season! Last year the troop sold 1,700 boxes of cookies in their initial sale, with over 50 of those boxes claimed by staff members.

There won’t be a booth set up at The Foundry this year, but cookie sales are still going strong through digital platforms. The girls are proud to say that both the shipping company and cookie bakery are based here in Michigan! Proceeds from cookie sales go to support participation costs and help fund an annual trip to Camp Merrie Woode.