Advisor Atlas teams data positions asset managers to grow in 2021

2020 was a year unlike any other and while obstacles sprung up across the world around every corner, Advisor Atlas aimed to continue to improve the quality, quantity, and utility of our teams data. Just as we saw in 2019, more advisors are becoming members of teams, and understanding the composition of teams and their members is more crucial than ever. We make it our goal to ensure that our data is not only clean and plentiful, but also reflects what clients want to see and need to remain competitive in the marketplace. In 2020, our Advisor Atlas data team recorded increases in the number of teams and team members and expanded our sources and attributes.

What changed with the data in 2020? 

Each year, we see new additions to teams as we continue to build a more comprehensive database. Below are the changes we saw in Advisor Atlas data over the last year.

Growth of teams and members in 2020

With the rate that teams are growing, information on teams is constantly shifting and data can easily be outdated within a few days. It is important to have the most up-to-date data in order to properly keep track of teams, which is why Advisor Atlas continually updates our data. In 2020, we made an average of 8,000 updates every week to our team data, which is more than 36,000 updates every month.

What is new in Advisor Atlas data? 

As advisors continue to join teams, our data is continuously expanding with more teams and more members. However, we are always aiming to find ways to improve our data and provide more impactful information alongside our consistent updates.

That is why Advisor Atlas will soon have key representative designations included in our data. We have also implemented top advisor tracking of high-net-worth representatives. Additionally, Advisor Atlas has added firm typing, which designates firms with their corresponding type. Below is a look into how our data is segmented across different firm types.

Reps and advisor teams by channel

These additions are part of our drive to continue to bring out the best in teams data. While 2020 saw many changes that pushed the quality of our teams data forward, we aim to raise the bar higher in the year to come.

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