#givingback: Veterans Day Taps with Leward Fluty

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In our series #giving back at SalesPage, we highlight the different ways that members of our team are involved in their communities. One of our core values is passion, and we believe in the power of our people to be a positive force within their team and community.

November team feature: Leward Fluty

Our team member feature this month is Leward Fluty, a Senior Data Engineer at SalesPage. Leward is a lifelong trumpet player and volunteers his time and talent for Taps for Veterans. Taps is the military’s traditional song of remembrance played to honor those who served. This organization connects musicians with veteran families so Taps can be performed live at funerals, memorials, and other ceremonies.

Leward discovered Taps for Veterans through members of a brass ensemble he helped co-found. Though not a veteran himself, Leward has a strong family history of military service. His three grandfathers were world war veterans – one a US infantryman in Germany in WWI, one a combat-decorated member of the US Army Corps of Engineers in WWII, and one a Lieutenant with the Marine Corps stationed at Pearl Harbor in WWII.

Leward and his family have a tradition of decorating graves at cemeteries on Memorial Day. He has incorporated the playing of Taps in their tradition because of the honor and sense of remembrance it brings. Taps is a simple but distinct melody with tones that signify mourning and comfort all at once. “You never know who might be listening, and how it might touch their lives,” Leward says.

Check out the video below to hear Leward play Taps in Spring Grove Cemetery at the headstone of his grandfather on Veterans Day.

To celebrate Veteran’s Day and support Leward’s community volunteering, the SalesPage team collected donations and raised $1,130.36 for Taps for Veterans and Volunteers of America, Veterans Services.