SalesPage COVID-19 Preparedness

SalesPage, SalesStation, Advisor Atlas, and LumaSuite Client Community:

By now I am sure you all have been spending much of your time dealing with the COVID-19 ramifications. At SalesPage, we have reviewed our Business Continuity Process (BCP) and confirmed that we are able to meet our commitments during this turbulent time. As part of this process, I would like to share SalesPage’s commitment to helping mitigate the risk of this virus to our staff and their families, to our client base, and to the communities we work in. Here are the highlights of the SalesPage BCP plan and our further commitment to our entire SalesPage, SalesStation, Advisor Atlas, and LumaSuite Client Community.

How is SalesPage mitigating the risk and impact to our staff?

As part of the BCP plan, every team member is capable of working from home. All of our processes and support procedures allow for SalesPage to operate in a fully remote environment. At this time, all employees who work in high-risk areas, feel sick, have ill family or friends, or have any confirmed cases of illness in their network, are required to take PTO or work from home. In addition, we have expanded our work-at-home policy to provide all SalesPage employees with the option to work from home.

All SalesPage non-critical business travel has been suspended through April 6. SalesPage will not be participating in any large conferences or events through April 30, 2020. We will continuously reevaluate the need to extend these dates. In addition, we are requiring all team members to follow the guidance of the CDC for personal travel. All team members must report international travel or domestic travel to high-risk areas. In those cases, we will follow the CDC recommendations.

What is the SalesPage plan to mitigate any risk to our client community?

SalesPage maintains a business continuity plan that is regularly reviewed and audited as part of our SOC2 Audit process. Our most recent audit was completed in October 2019. We are proud to say that SalesPage got high marks in that audit. As part of this process, we review and update our plan according to any recommendations that we receive from our auditors. We also believe that the prudent decisions which have been made to mitigate the risk to our team members and their families will benefit our clients. While we will miss seeing everyone during this spring conference season and in our client visits, we think it is the right thing to do until we have more certainty in how this situation is playing out.

What is the status of the SalesPage Client Summit?

Given the uncertain status of this situation, we have decided to postpone our SalesPage Client Summit. We are looking forward to rescheduling our event later this year. Additional information on the revised plans for our summit will be sent in a separate communication at a later date.

As this situation continues to evolve, SalesPage will be reevaluating our current policies and adjust as the situation demands. We are committed to doing our part to mitigate any risk to our employees and their families, clients, and the communities we work in. Should you or your firms have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly or your account teams.


Aric Faber, President & CEO, SalesPage Technologies, LLC

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