Bringing team data to more asset managers with Advisor Atlas

Today we are proud to announce a partnership with Advisor Atlas that marries SalesPage’s team management tools with the best team data. With this relationship, we expand our SalesPage offerings and provide a competitive advantage to our client base. For more details on this partnership and bundled offering, please read the press release below.

KALAMAZOO – April 20, 2018 – SalesPage Technologies announced a partnership with Advisor Atlas that will provide SalesPage clients with Advisor Atlas team data, bundling it into the SalesPage client data platform. Today, 50% of wirehouse and large regional advisors sell as part of one or more teams, so tracking teams is critical to asset managers’ distribution efforts. Several years ago, SalesPage was the first software solution provider for asset managers to introduce tools for managing teams and related data; the goal was to make sure that SalesPage clients had insight into exactly who is selling what. Using a patent-pending process for ensuring data quality, Advisor Atlas compiles and verifies comprehensive advisor data and teaming information.

By partnering with the top provider of team data, SalesPage delivers the full team package: the best team management tools coupled with the best team data, in a single client data platform that can be leveraged across the entire asset management organization. “We’re always looking for ways to provide our asset manager clients with a competitive advantage. The most effective distribution teams need a perfect marriage of the best data with the best tools, so that they can differentiate themselves from their peers in an increasingly competitive environment.” said Aric Faber, President and CEO of SalesPage. “This partnership is a key facet in that marriage, allowing us to bundle the industry’s best team data with our first-to-market advisor team management functionality.”

“Our focus is on being the premier data source for our clients,” added Madelyn Martin, President of Advisor Atlas. “By partnering with SalesPage, we are not only making our data more accessible, but also enhancing its value, since SalesPage functionality allows firms to leverage that data as soon as they have it.”

SalesPage is actively pursuing partnerships to strengthen their ability to help asset management clients distribute intelligently. The partnership with Advisor Atlas means that SalesPage clients have access to the best all-around solution for understanding team sales, a critical component in adapting to the ever-evolving distribution sales model.

Advisor Atlas

About Advisor Atlas

Advisor Atlas was incorporated in 2012 to serve asset management firms and other financial services firms by enriching the viability and efficacy of applied industry data, ensuring that data is consumable by their existing systems, and helping them maintain the data timeliness and quality required to make profitable business decisions.