Advisor team data

SalesPage offers advisor team data through Advisor Atlas. Advisor Atlas compiles and verifies advisor and team information using a patent-pending process for ensuring data quality.

Grow team intelligence with Advisor Atlas

Advisor Atlas maintains a master database of 35,000+ financial advisor teams and over 155,000 reps (registered and non-registered) and growing. You can take advantage of Advisor Atlas as a standalone data offering or bundled with any of SalesPage’s family of products. Visit Advisor Atlas to learn more and check out the benefits of bundling with SalesPage, below.

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Advisor Atlas data in SalesPage

Benefits of bundling with SalesPage

Bundling Advisor Atlas team data with SalesPage delivers the following benefits:

  • Provides ongoing rule-based support for importing Advisor Atlas data and handling it appropriately
  • Automatically creates team data and profiles, according to your rules
  • Augments team data with your territory and channel structures, as well as your sales data
  • Optimizes the availability of up-to-date team data in searches and queries 
  • Enables utilization of team data in sales and marketing campaigns

Bundle options

We offer three options for bundling Advisor Atlas team data with one of our products:

  1. Bundled with our distribution data platform. Whether you’re using SalesPage Enterprise or SalesStation, this bundle will bring advisor team data together with your other data sources in a single platform that can be leveraged across your entire asset management organization.
  2. Bundled with our SalesPage Managaged App for Salesforce. All the benefits of bundling with our platform with an added bonus of having team data accessible directly in Salesforce, through our managed app, ensure you have a more complete picture of your clients and prospects. Not using our managed app? We also offer a Salesforce plug-in for Advisor Atlas team data. Contact us to learn more!
  3. Bundled with LumaSuite. As a data standardization service, bundling in Advisor Atlas team data allows us to combine team intelligence along with your master data and other data feeds you’re having us handle through the service. 

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