Client data platform (CDP)

The SalesPage client data platform (CDP) ensures that the data going into your data warehouse and ecosystem is accurate, enriched to your business specifications, and easily leveraged by your team and by downstream systems. Our CDP helps you find your truth by making sense of diverse data formats and content from a wide range of industry-specific providers.

SalesPage Client Data Platform Warehouse

Consolidate, enrich, and categorize to find your truth

Integrating the SalesPage CDP with your warehouse, lakes, and downstream systems makes it possible to:

  • Incorporate business processes and workflow for active data stewardship
  • Supply cyclical data feedback and governance
  • Streamline onboarding of new sources
  • Provide transparency by channel, line of business, firm, and advisor with consistent reporting
  • Ensure flexibility to take advantage of the best data and technology in the future
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How is a client data platform different than a data warehouse?

A client data platform (CDP) acts as a single repository that brings all business and market data together in one place, marrying it to client data to ensure that it’s accurately attributed. This unified version is then fed to all of your distribution groups, channels, LOBs, and other systems, including an enterprise data warehouse (if you use one). A data warehouse is usually a read-only system for reporting and analysis. A CDP incorporates the logic, technology, and workflows necessary to standardize data, to easily accommodate changes to data sources, and to distribute data to other systems that need it.

The SalesPage CDP:

  • Unifies all types of data
  • Implements the logic, technology, and workflow process
  • Allows for data flexibility in the enterprise
  • Distributes data to systems which require it

How can you benefit from SalesPage’s client data platform (CDP)?