Data migration & cleansing

We’ll help you maximize the value of your existing data, while minimizing the pain often involved with data cleansing and the migration process.

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We have years of experience in converting not only entities and activities, but also production data related to sales and assets, market-share data, and other third-party data. This experience will help your firm retain the value of your existing enterprise data, while minimizing the cost and pain typically associated with complex data conversions.

During the conversion and data migration processes, we coordinate closely with our clients to not only ensure that the production numbers are converted properly, but that the number of duplicate entities that have built up over the years are minimized. In addition to providing you with the tools required for ongoing data stewardship, we support the use of third-party data and services to help with one-time data cleansing, as well as the integration of ongoing full-service solutions.

Feeling the pain of data migration and cleansing?