Sales & asset data

Utilize all your sales & asset data to more effectively focus your sales strategy and resources. Employ the SalesPage client data platform to consolidate and classify that data so that it makes sense.

Current, reliable, verifiable

To effectively distribute products, you need current, reliable, and verifiable trade, flow, and asset data. Our current asset manager clients use SalesPage to:

  • Validate and reconcile data for all intermediary trades and assets
  • Associate that data with existing information housed in other systems
  • Simplify consolidating sales data, managing territories, and reporting sales
  • Gain visibility into key customers to see where to focus efforts

We have configured feeds from all of the major data providers in the industry. Currently, that’s at least 174 unique data feeds; that number climbs as new sources and providers enter the market.

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How does it work?

We accurately process feeds in a timely manner by:

  1. Identifying type and frequency
  2. Looking up and matching data from multiple sources
  3. Applying client-specific business rules

Need help linking your sales & asset data?