Data—are you riding the crest or drowning? (webinar)


Client data strategy with one point of entry and exitIf you’re like most asset managers, you take in multiple external data sources to augment your existing internal data. Each of those data sources has different data elements, quality, granularity, and format. If you have an antiquated data strategy and ecosystem, getting to the point where you can really use this data to help you get insights and sell more effectively becomes both expensive and unnecessarily complex.

What’s the solution? Join us for a webinar, that we’ll be presenting to On Course Advisors CRM Forum members and guests, from 12:00 – 1:00 PM ET on Tuesday, July 17th where you’ll learn how a client data platform will help you:

  • Establish a universal format, repository, and process to standardize trade and asset data according to your view of the industry
  • Provide transparency by channel, line of business, firm, and advisor with consistent reporting
  • Ensure flexibility to take advantage of the best data and technology in the future