[Webinar] Advisor Atlas team data—see what you’re missing


More than 50% of wirehouse and large regional advisors are now members of a functional group. What you don’t know about these teams can lead to ineffective and inaccurate reporting and sales targeting strategies.

  • Can you tie sales and activity back to relevant teams? Is that data accurate?
  • Does your internal/external know who’s the analyst, scheduler, and leader on every team in their territory?
  • Is marketing able to reach the right person with the right message quickly?
  • How effective is your BI team if they can’t see the entire buying unit as a whole?

Advisor Atlas team database highlightsAdvisor Atlas

  • 350 firms and 23,000 offices with current contact information
  • 32,000+ teams with both registered and non-registered members, including team name, members with roles (where available), contact information, and more

Subscribing to Advisor Atlas supplies you with an advisor team database that’s updated continuously. Industrywide, 5 to 10% of advisors’ data changes monthly. Advisor Atlas updates over 6,000 team records every week to keep your data as of-the-moment as possible.

Not yet a subscriber? See what you’re missing. Join us on December 11th at 4:00 PM ET for a 20-minute webinar where we’ll show you how asset managers are using Advisor Atlas team data to improve accuracy, effectiveness, and decision-making.