NICSA Workshop Series: Data in Distribution


NICSA is hosting a webinar a part of their Workshop Series on Tuesday, December 4 with discussion facilitated by SalesPage!

NICSA Workshop Series: Data in Distribution

Best Practices in Aggregating, Standardizing, and Enriching Data Pack, Third-Party, and Internal Data

Whether you’re developing data-driven sales and marketing strategies, overseeing master data management, or managing data governance programs, NICSA’s Roundtable workshop will help you enhance your efforts. Join your peers for an interactive event that will:

  • Address the challenges involved in aggregating, standardizing, and enriching data from BD data packs and third-parties with your internal sources.
  • Present how a client data platform can help with data standardization and delivery to downstream systems to inform your marketing and distribution strategies.
  • Provide an opportunity to share your methodology and approaches to data stewardship and utilization.

Independent of where you’re at in the lifecycle of building a data strategy, come learn and discuss how you can get more out of your investment in data pack, third-party and internal data by turning it into actionable intelligence for distribution.

If you are a NICSA member you can attend this webinar free of charge. Non-members are also welcome! Register here.

SalesPage is a long-standing corporate member of NICSA, a nonprofit trade association that provides the global investment management industry with discussion and education forums to better serve its customers by developing operational best practices.