Identify actionable opportunities in BI


Client Roundtable

Identify actionable opportunities in BI

Virtual Roundtable | May 18, 2021 | 4:00 PM EDT

Join fellow business intelligence professionals from the SalesPage client community!

Discuss the increasing importance of analyzing data to identify actionable opportunities, learn from client panelists and fellow participants, and share your perspective on how your business intelligence strategy helps activate data for marketing and distribution.


  • Jeremy Bear, Business Intelligence Manager, Vivaldi Asset Management
  • Kelly Haney, Senior Global Manager of Client Data, Invesco
  • David Cocks, Sales Operations Manager, Amundi Asset Management


We are expecting a lively discussion on the topics you have been asking about!

  • Data sources and governance
    • What data sources are you leveraging?
    • What governance processes have proved fruitful for producing a single sources of truth to fuel good analytics?
  • Analytics tools
    • What challenges/successes have you had with adopting tools or making your existing tools work better?
    • What processes have (or haven’t) allowed you to extract and promote top insights?
  • BI Strategy
    • What insights are your teams asking for?
    • How are your teams interpreting analytic output to make it “actionable data” for business purposes?

This virtual event is for SalesPage Enterprise, SalesStation, Advisor Atlas, LumaSuite, and Clarity Compliance clients only, you must register to attend. If you are interested and would like more information for this, or past client events, we can help! Contact us at