Client Roundtable: Managing internal sales teams in a COVID-19 world (live virtual event)


Client Roundtable

Managing internal sales teams in a COVID-19 world

Please join our discussion leaders, who include internal sales desk mangers and heads of internal sales, as we tackle some of the most pertinent challenges facing sales desks across our client community.

Discussion leaders

Jim Joyce, AIG Funds                    Dan Clark, Amundi Pioneer

Dan Yifru, Blackrock                       Michael Jones, Touchstone Investments

Jim Foley, Eaton Vance                 Jim Taylor, Virtus Investment Partners


We are expecting a lively discussion on the topics you have been asking about!

  • How do you keep your remote team engaged?

    How do you stay connected? How often? Biggest challenges?

  • What strategies are you employing to train both new & veteran internals?

     What has been the most successful? Least successful? How are you sharing best practices?

  • How do you track activity and productivity?

      What is being measured? What has changed? Lessons learned?

  • What is the new normal for engaging with advisors?

      What has changed? What are your new strategies? What has the response been?

This virtual event is for SalesPage Enterprise, SalesStation, Advisor Atlas, and LumaSuite clients only, you must register to attend. If you are interested and would like more information for this, or past client events, we can help you with that! Contact us at