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Segment Like a Ninja 2: Be the Ninja

Segmentation isn’t complicated for everyone in the asset management industry. Our segmentation module is easy to use, and we’ve just added a video course to further support those who add and update segments.

Video Training: A Bridge to Knowledge

When laying out a course for sharing SalesPage knowledge with all team members, we recommend starting with our video training. Clients have given us positive feedback on our growing set of course offerings; video training is a consistent and effective way to share key information with new team members, and to do refresher training for those who’ve been using SalesPage for a while.

Visit More Customers, Drive Fewer Miles with SalesPage Trip Planning

03/20/2014 by
With the optional SalesPage Trip Planning module, external wholesalers spend more time meeting with reps and less time in the car. Planners can line up a series of appointments in the most efficient way possible.

Analytics: It’s Easy to Simplify Complex Data with Pivot Tables

03/18/2014 by
SalesPage has recently developed a completely new Business Analytics toolset that provides enhanced functionality and that no longer relies on Microsoft Office Web Components.