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Segment Like a Ninja 2: Be the Ninja

Segmentation isn’t complicated for everyone in the asset management industry. Our segmentation module is easy to use, and we’ve just added a video course to further support those who add and update segments.

Video Training: A Bridge to Knowledge

When laying out a course for sharing SalesPage knowledge with all team members, we recommend starting with our video training. Clients have given us positive feedback on our growing set of course offerings; video training is a consistent and effective way to share key information with new team members, and to do refresher training for those who’ve been using SalesPage for a while.

Visit More Customers, Drive Fewer Miles with SalesPage Trip Planning

03/20/2014 by
With the optional SalesPage Trip Planning module, external wholesalers spend more time meeting with reps and less time in the car. Planners can line up a series of appointments in the most efficient way possible.

Analytics: It’s Easy to Simplify Complex Data with Pivot Tables

03/18/2014 by
SalesPage has recently developed a completely new Business Analytics toolset that provides enhanced functionality and that no longer relies on Microsoft Office Web Components.

Webinar: SalesPage Video Training and Subscription Plans

Want to save time answering questions about how to use SalesPage Financial? Wondering how to set up territories, write and save queries, or add some fields to a page in your SalesPage application? Then SalesPage video training may be just what your organization needs.