SalesPage Enterprise 2021.2: Getting better all the time

Resolve to get even more out of SalesPage Enterprise by upgrading to the latest release, 2021.2. Here’s a taste of what’s included.

Improved efficiency and speed

We found ways to slim down key SalesPage Enterprise operations so that they work better for you. In the 2021.2 release, more long-running processes are now handled in the background; they’re less likely to slow things down as your team works with SalesPage Enterprise. We’ve cut out checks, validations, and calculations that ran more than once under certain circumstances, reducing time to complete critical tasks. All necessary work is still getting done—it’s just getting done more economically.

Better error handling for data file processing

File processing in SalesPage Enterprise gets agile for the 2021.2 release. It now can “fail fast” when an issue occurs that affects data completeness or quality. These fast failures mean those monitoring your system know more quickly when issues with handling the data from a particular source occur. More detailed logging for such issues makes them easier to troubleshoot, so that your team gets complete and accurate data more quickly.

More robust Salesforce integration

SalesPage Enterprise 2021.2 provides improved territory assignment for offices and reps merged in your Salesforce org, as well as more robust connection handling and troubleshooting support.

More flexible analytics

You have more options for analytics in SalesPage Enterprise 2021.2, including:

  • Regional insights for territory roll-ups
  • Improved last business day reporting
  • More options for common summary time periods
  • Easier system-wide maintenance for analytics queries.

Get the full story

I’ve skimmed the highlights of the SalesPage Enterprise 2021.2 release here; for the full details, see What’s New in the SalesPage Enterprise 2021.2 Release in the SalesPage Client Center, ask your SalesPage team for a copy, or contact us.