SalesPage Enterprise 2021.1: Get your data, fast and right

SalesPage Enterprise 2021.1 has just been released! This new release includes new and improved tools to make managing your data easier and faster. We use SalesPage Enterprise to support our LumaSuite managed data services, so we’re learning first-hand what tools can be made better and which new tools would be useful. We also learn by listening to you, our clients, so that we can understand more fully the challenges that you face and provide tools and services to help you meet them. Here’s a bit of what’s new in the 2021.1 release.

Street sign with data attributes

Faster third-party data processing

Speed is critical when importing and transforming third-party data into actionable information. The 2021.1 release includes several changes that make extracting, loading, and transforming third-party data for SalesPage Enterprise substantially faster. Be sure to ask your SalesPage team for more details.

More flexible imports

Our Spring 2019 release introduced the Flexible Import toolset, to allow your SalesPage team to map, transform, and validate new or updated data sources into SalesPage Enterprise much more quickly. In the past, fields in each file imported with Flexible Import could only pivot on a single data point. The 2021.1 release makes multiple pivot points possible. Now your data can be more effectively grouped, spread, and aggregated so that when linked to the relevant entities in SalesPage Enterprise, it’s most useful to you and your team.

Improved trade, asset, and account handling

With the 2021.1 release, we’ve made lots of changes to give you more control over trades, assets, and accounts, including:

  • Control over how trade and account operations affecting existing trades are represented in outbounds for downstream systems.
  • More accurate point-in-time asset values
  • More detailed outbound files for trades and assets for easier data-matching in downstream systems.

Want to know more?

These are just a few highlights from the SalesPage Enterprise 2021.1 release; for the full story, see What’s New in the SalesPage Enterprise 2021.1 Release in the SalesPage Client Center. If you don’t already have a Client Center login, request one today.