Summer 2020: Get your red-hot SalesPage Enterprise release

Summer 2020 is finally here—and so is the SalesPage Enterprise Summer 2020 release, bringing you lots of virtual sunshine and better data management.

SalesPage data architecture

Automated data entry

Many of our clients were adding house offices and house accounts manually for every firm; in the Summer 2020 release, we’ve automated that process for you. Now, when you add a firm, these essential offices and reps are added for you. You can use the default rules or define your own, but either way, there’s less work for your data stewardship team.

Improved asset handling

With the Summer 2020 release, we’ve introduced the first set of larger planned changes that make our standard asset handling more flexible and robust. It’s now easier to load historical asset data and to update asset summarization as needed. In future releases, we’ll build on these changes to make asset handling as transparent and flexible as transaction handling in SalesPage Enterprise already is.

Insight into ETF client flows and positions

We’ve extended Flexible Import for Perspectives so that data packs with both entity data and Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) amounts can be converted to actionable organizations and contacts but also to client flows and positions.

Better data sharing

SalesPage Enterprise Summer 2020 includes many, many changes designed to improve data sharing. These sharing improvements include: enhanced processes that make it easier for clients using older releases to take advantage of LumaSuite, SalesPage’s managed data service; improved support for explicit links from other applications into your SalesPage Enterprise application, and; content packages that make sharing configuration data between SalesPage Enterprise environments more robust and less error-prone. And those are just the highlights.

Want to know more?

The changes described here are just a few of the most significant items in the SalesPage Enterprise Summer 2020 release; for the full story, see What’s New in the Summer 2020 Release in the SalesPage Client Center. If you don’t already have a Client Center login, request one today.