Best approach for cloud migration?

Your IT, operations, and supporting teams are responsible for keeping your system infrastructure, feed management, and data warehouse connected, up-to-date, and well oiled. As requirements for maintaining these become more complex, asset managers are looking for ways to outsource this responsibility. If your firm is considering cloud migration, you may be wondering: What is the best approach?

Benefits of outsourcing with SalesPage

SalesPage offers solutions that take the burden off your team and ensure you can quickly access data.

SalesPage-managed AWS environment

We provide the option to move your SalesPage application and data into the AWS cloud. This easy path to outsourcing allows our DevOps engineers to provide more direct support to you. Alleviating the burden on your IT staff who are supporting multiple vendors and in-house demands. We install, configure, monitor, manage, and maintain an environment that is yours only and can scale up or down with your business.

Feed and integration management

SalesPage Enterprise helps you facilitate a complex data ecosystem, which allows your firm to manage distribution more effectively. This usually includes the processing of many external feeds, as well as internal and external system integrations. A complex environment like this requires DevOps to monitor and manage all the feeds and integrations that are integral to your day-to-day operations. SalesPage offers clients optional management services to ensure that data feeds are processed, and integrations are supported within your AWS environment.

Data replication for reporting

Increasingly, asset managers are taking advantage of industry-leading analytic and reporting capabilities, as well as building out an enterprise-wide data warehouse and lakes. SalesPage provides multiple options, including data services, to access the most current and comprehensive data. SalesPage will work with your team to integrate SalesPage Enterprise with your data ecosystem through your AWS environment. 

As you consider outsourcing and what may be best for your firm, let’s talk about it. Contact our team and we will help you find a right-sized approach for your firm.