Fall 2019 Release: Validating and consolidating data

The just-out SalesPage Fall 2019 release can help asset managers tackle the challenges inherent in validating and consolidating the many different sources of data to which they subscribe. This release continues our push to introduce new features and enhancements that help our clients master their data in their client data platform.

SalesPage CDP

Getting data into SalesPage

Fall 2019 continues our enhancements to our standard file-handling libraries, especially those for Perspectives. Perspectives tools make it easy for you to consume the entity data you receive from many different sources—broker/dealer data packs, market share providers, conference lists, as well as more traditional entity providers. A lot of changes in this release have improved dramatically the speed with which that data can be made available in SalesPage.

Getting data out of SalesPage

We also added new tools to make it easier for you to extract and use your validated and consolidated data in other systems. One new tool makes it easy to map data attributes from received data to your Salesforce application, if you use SalesPage’s Salesforce Connector. Another new tool lets you define exactly what data is included in the outbound files you request from SalesPage.

Improved scheduling

New options make it easier to pause and prioritize scheduled operations, so that you can ensure the most important tasks take precedence. Other new features let you quickly see the results and logs associated with particular scheduled tasks. Monitoring critical work and troubleshooting issues is now simpler.  

Curious about the details?

A few key changes and new tools in the Fall 2019 release are listed here—for the full story, see What’s New in the Fall 2019 Release in the SalesPage Client Center. And if you don’t already have a Client Center login, ask us for one today.