Forge the missing link: SalesPage and Salesforce (webinar recording)

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When it comes to a client data platform (CDP) we covered why you need one in Data—are you riding the crest or drowning? and how to best steward your data within your CDP in Navigate the tide: Master the flow of your client data, but how do you roll this out at your firm? For our third and final webinar in this series, we shared a CDP use case with On-Course Advisors’ CRM Forum CRM Forum members and guests: SalesPage and Salesforce.

Salesforce is a robust, enterprise-wide CRM that’s being used by more and more asset managers. SalesPage is an asset-management specific CDP. When used together these solutions help forge the missing link in the asset management data chain.

SalesPage CDP delivers data to Salesforce

On August 6th, we presented a webinar that answered:

  • How can SalesPage provide the missing link?
  • What data should be shared between SalesPage and Salesforce?
  • What are the best ways to share data

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